A few months ago I was at a Femme Heartshare Brunch in Minneapolis with the Twin Cities Femme Mafia and friends. Becky, Katie, Jessica and myself came up with a funny video about how to ask for consent about two scent issues–body odor and perfume.


I turned the video into a video podcast. Enjoy!!

If anyone out there is skilled at video or audio editing and wants to help me out, I have a huge pipeline of projects I need to work on and would love motivated technical collaborators to work with!

2 Responses

  1. This was hysterical, and affirming! When I see people, and they come in for a hug, and I have been sweating, I always warn them, because I am always in short sleeves, and have hairy arm pits! How funnY! I loved this! Genius!

    Also, I dont tend to get ripe, but more sticky. I dont know why I needed to say that!

  2. Thank you for this podcast. I have never seen the onus put on the wearer of the scent before. I am accustomed to telling people that I am highly allergic to scents — and accustomed to negative reactions of people hearing that I am criticizing their fragrance or saying they smell bad instead of that I am saying that I react. I love the role play. Thank you for modeling a different way.

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