A childhood of bullying about my weight kept me off the dance floor. I worked through a mountain of shame and self loathing to uproot the bullies in my brain and have been reclaiming dance floors ever since! I think everyone, thin, fat and in between is affected by body negativity and we can all heal our relationships with the one and only body we’re ever going to get! I’m a certified aerobics instructor, Reiki Master Healer, passionate tea drinker and very spiritual. I’m excited to support you on your self care journey!


I created Fat Kid Dance Party to help folks learn to love their bodies, embrace their awkwardness and open up to self care! A childhood of bullying because of my weight kept me off the dance floor. When I found the idea that all bodies are worthy of love no matter what, it changed my life. I have been reclaiming dance floors along with teaching, performing and writing about body positivity for nearly two decades.



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