I’m Looking for a Few Good Dates this Winter!

It’s cuffing season! That sacred time of year that people seek to keep warm with someone they want to stay safer at home with! I recognize that probably less than 10% of the people reading this even want to go on a date with me and others might just read it cuz they are curious! I hope you are inspired to ask for what you want and to name your desires openly.

The Relationship Great Glass Elevator

I was a Roald Dahl girlie growing up so understanding archetypes based in those narratives makes sense to me. I came up with this idea about the Relationship Great Glass Elevator that helps me understand how I want to love and be loved for however long I get on this floating rock in space this lifetime.

I Went to my 20th High School Reunion and Here’s How it Went

And as the years wore on and I came out, moved to Philly and then NYC all the way across the country, class reunions were not a priority. At the time I thought going to class reunions was kind of a “normie” thing to do and I’m a queer drag performer.*

Call it Hand S*x Not Fingering!

Let’s remember that hands have five digits each and the vigorousness, stamina and strength one can offer with a forearm is far more than what’s possible with other appendages.

Being a Visible Queer Adult Saves Lives

Standing in my truth is a way I bust up the lies I tell myself to “keep myself safe” by keeping myself small. I know because I have gone through something someone else out there probably has, too. My story will help somebody.

The Date I Learned I was a Specialty Food

May the thoughts of you as a specialty food, brought here on earth just for the people you’re here for. Find the people who delight you, who you admire, who feel safe to be around. Spend more time with those people! Learn from them and become more and more YOU.