Are You As High as You Want to Be?

I started saying this at Glowing Goddess Getaway events when I would be stationed at the Glow Bar helping goddesses decide how they wanted to consume cannabis. Being a loud gal, I hollered out “Are you as high as you want to be?” as an enthusiastic way to remind folks they came to unwind.

But it’s also a good reminder for yourself to actually set an intention for how high you want to be BEFORE you consume. You can always get more high, it’s really hard to get less high!

Come to Church with Me! If you want!

Six years ago if you’d asked me about attending weekly Sunday services I would have said, “Unlikely!” Now I got to two different church services on Sundays! Rest assured I only attend services where all seekers are welcomed and valued.

Simple Self Care: Compliment Serenade

I remembered an old simple self care tip I used to use when I was going through it–reaching out to a trusted friend to ask for compliments. “Hey I’m having a hard time. What are some of your favorite things about me?” has opened up a lot of great heart-warming things I’ve never forgotten.

Simple Self Care: Sound Healing

We are in a time in the Earth’s evolution where our personal frequency matters more than ever and we want to be generating our cells in as elevated an environment as possible. Like the food we eat (and supplements) that help our cells generate vibrantly, sound healing is part of giving us the best shot at living verdant, peaceful lives.

And the Pandemmy Award Goes to… Claire my Laughter Yoga Teacher!

First of all, I’m grateful for the practice! Yoga is about breath and so is laughter! Life force energy is found in our laughter! Being silly and joyful intentionally is so good for your health and experience of the world. Especially when it feels out of control!