Six years ago if you’d asked me about attending weekly Sunday services I would have said, “Unlikely!” Now I got to two different church services on Sundays! Rest assured I only attend services where all seekers are welcomed and valued.

Hi! I’m Bevin! I want to be a good influence on you! I am a strong proponent of attraction not promotion. I’m sharing these services with you in case they can be a blessing to you in uncertain times!

I was not raised in religion (my family was Catholic but mom didn’t want to put me in a thing where they taught that divorce and gay were sinful).

I am so grateful that of all the trauma experiences I’ve experienced religious trauma isn’t one of them! And beginning my spiritual journey at 31 I realized I didn’t need to be “religious” to have a conscious vibrant relationship with a loving higher power. Eventually I found myself appreciating a regular Sunday attendance with a congregation that aligned with my spiritual beliefs. It’s like filling up my gas tank so I can meet what is coming in the week ahead.

Nature is “my church” but I love attending church services that make me feel nourished by teaching and community.

I started attending Agape International Spiritual Center when I lived in Los Angeles. My first service was to see Marianne Williamson as the guest speaker in May 2019. (Linking a July 2023 service with Marianne that was very powerful.)

I kept going back weekly. They still meet a the Saban theater in Beverly Hills, just three blocks from where my beloved Grandmother lived when she was a real estate agent. (Please imagine an elegant 80s career woman Capricorn.) Every time I drove to services I saw multiple hawks. Early Sunday morning drives in Los Angeles are so peaceful.

Getting to hang out in Grandmother’s old neighborhood before I moved away felt really special.

I went to new member classes in July 2019 and have been attending weekly ever since. I switched to live stream when I moved up to the lesbian woods, but feel just as connected. I have found it an anchor during these uncertain times.

I love the way Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith speaks of a loving God, animating our breath. Not some man in the sky, not religiosity, focusing on the potential to express God through every person on the planet. He doesn’t ignore the things going on in the world around us, he helps us make sense of them from a higher perspective. “Governments wage war, people wage peace.”

There’s a world class choir, wildly various and talented musical guests, 90 minutes of bells and whistles. (Plus a pre-service meditation service.)

July 2019!

Agape meets three times on Sundays, all of them are “love streamed” on you tube and facebook. I typically attend the 11AM service. On really moving sermon days I’ll watch the repeat of the 9AM service.

Sunday Morning – Way of Meditation.  

  • 6:45am to 7:30am Meditation and Teaching

Sunday Morning – First Service

  • 8:30am Meditation
  • 9:00am Service

Sunday Morning – Second Service

  • 11:00am Meditation
  • 11:30am Service

11:00am service interpreted for the Deaf.

I love to rewatch church in the bathtub, since I like baths to be about me connecting to Spirit.

Last weekend’s service was a great example of a powerful service. These folks pray beautifully and do it towards peace and a beautiful world unfolding.


I go to two different churches every Sunday! The other service was because my friend Manduh kept inviting our whole Glowing Goddess Sisterhood. I tried it out and really enjoy it.

Camp Chesterfield online services (on Zoom) are a really fun and nourishing experience. Sundays 8:30AM -10AM Pacific.

The unique part of the service are the messages from loved ones that come through. Two mediums facilitate messages from the other side for the folks in attendance. Each taking about a 20 minute turn.

I’ve gotten messages from my Grandmother, friends, my dog Macy, my joy guide, other grandparents and more. I don’t always get a message but I learn a lot from other folks’ messages. If there’s an aspect of a spirit coming through that reminds me of someone I know I pay extra attention to those messages.

They begin with a guided meditation where you might spend 5-15 minutes traveling into a tree or walking in a field. (Not like Agape which is 20 minutes simply sitting in meditation together.)

Then there’s a sermon. They are the Indiana Society of Spiritualists so they are Jesus plus more. Here’s their Declaration of Principles!

Manduh makes it really easy to get to Zoom services because she posts the registration link to attend every Sunday morning on our Sisterhood Discord server. (I loooooove Discord for connecting with the communities that matter to me.)

If you are interested, look on the Camp Chesterfield website. I can usually find service registration link on the carousel on the landing page. They call it “Online Sunday Service” and it’s at 11:30AM EASTERN time so that’s what they say on their website.

I’m posting this pic to manifest more hot tub hangs with people I love as soon as now! And so it is!

Our sisterhood hangs out after services for “Coffee and Donuts in the Sanctuary.” It’s an hour for fellowship in our voice channel, which functions like a Zoom room on Discord (bring your own donuts).

It’s nice to have friends to process with after getting messages, and some of other other members join us after their in-person church services. It’s really sweet.

One time my neighbors randomly dropped off donuts to me while I was having coffee and donuts in the Sanctuary which felt very serendipitous!

If you’re scared of Discord I made a lil tutorial video!

Okay, if you go to any of these services tell me what you thought!

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