Awards are all made up, I’m making up my own award.

That Grammy on your shelf? Someone thought that up one time and now other people assign meaning to it! It’s a collective agreement! Perhaps you’ll indulge me and collectively agree with me about my Pandemmy awards!

These awards are honoring individuals who have made a significant impact on my positive experience of this Pandemique.

We can pretend that the water bottle Claire is holding is a a trophy! Maybe an artist friend will make me a jpg for the blog that is a Pandemmy trophy. Also pictured: Fat Kid Dance Party Regular Angela!

I met Claire through the Glowing Goddess Getaway! We had never attended a retreat at the same time and location! During our sadly canceled 2020 tour season I wanted to hang out online with people I would have sat next to at a retreat and went through the GGG Facebook group and hit up Goddesses to have a sesh with me on Zoom.

It was so cool getting to hang out with so many Goddesses and Claire was one of them! She immediately invited me to attend her Laughter Yoga club on Zoom! I have been attending regularly for more than two years now and I am so grateful!

I sent Claire a Self Claire package and she amended the water bottle design to say High Five for Self CLAIRE

First of all, I’m grateful for the practice! Yoga is about breath and so is laughter! Life force energy is found in our laughter! Being silly and joyful intentionally is so good for your health and experience of the world. Especially when it feels out of control!

Have you ever pretended to be in an underwater comedy club before? With a dolphin headliner? Can you even imagine being so silly on purpose? I’m a type play personality by choice not by nature, this is such good medicine for me.

Claire’s consistency as an instructor holding space every Wednesday at 11:30AM like clockwork is such a gift and I’m so grateful!

Because our Glowing Goddess Getaway community pivoted to a Discord dot com online members forum with an active voice channel option (think Zoom but on a different app–voice and video are optional) I get to spend a good deal of time hanging out with Claire as a friend and canna sister. We enjoy our healing earth medicines and support each other in life. Claire’s friendship has been such a sweet addition to my life this Pandemique!

Claire has a bong named Fancy Nancy and she’s such a boss she sits out on hotel patios using her gorgeous giant gold bong. Claire is a total legend.

Claire became a FKDP Regular this year and has brought such joy to my Zoom classes! I love that we are in a healing loop with one another and all of the lavish laughter medicine can be returned through my joy seeking aerobics!

Claire is a Sagittarius, this is her season! Her birthday is December 2nd! I’m very excited for her birthday next year because she’s celebrating a rite of passage for herself called a CincuentaƱera!

I love that I get to heal alongside Claire and I’m so grateful for everything she’s poured into me during this Pandemique! This Pandemmy award is for you!!

I hosted a live sesh on Zoom in January 2022 called “An Afternoon with the Glimmering Swimmers” an intentionally entheogenic experience. Claire taught Laughter Yoga and dressed up as a Claire Bear! I’ll be hosting this sesh on Zoom again this January 2023 and it will be available for my Patreon supporters!

I’m using so many exclamation marks because it’s Sagittarius season and I can!

Learn more about Claire and Laughter yoga on our Podcast episode! Episode 73!

Join a Laughter Yoga class (by donation) by emailing Claire at LaughAnyway dot com!

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