It’s 4/20 somewhere and this weekend we are having it on a Saturday! I wanted to share with you a wise question to ask that is both FUN life of the party vibes AND a good reminder to check in with yourself and regulate your consumption!

Hi! I’m Bevin! I want to be a good influence on you and I don’t want you to get uncomfortably high!

I’m posting this on 4/19, Bicycle Day, and this question is as much for psychedelics as for cannabis!

I started saying this at Glowing Goddess Getaway events when I would be stationed at the Glow Bar helping goddesses decide how they wanted to consume cannabis. Being a loud gal, I hollered out “Are you as high as you want to be?” as an enthusiastic way to remind folks they came to unwind.

But it’s also a good reminder for yourself to actually set an intention for how high you want to be BEFORE you consume. You can always get more high, it’s really hard to get less high!

I have been a “more is more” consumer, and as someone with an addictive personality I am always checking in with my relationship with cannabis as medicine and as stress relief. Sometimes it makes me more anxious than I want to be! Sometimes I can’t afford to be incapacitated, or I have responsibilities that need my attention (either later that day or the next day when I don’t want to be hazy).

What’s magical about setting aside time for relaxation and celebration is getting to be in a safe environment and let plant medicine mellow you out and inspire revelations.

I like shouting “Are you as high as you wanna be?!” to raise the vibe on a celebration. I like asking it peacefully as I pass someone a joint and ask if they want it. It’s charming and a good question.

If you do get more high than you want to be here are my tips:

*EAT. Drink water. Eat some more. It helps metabolize the cannabis.

*LAY DOWN: Go find your bed and get under the covers hopefully it’s really nearby. (My fav part of camping with friends is my bed is really nearby and I can nap and come back to the gathering.)

*BREATHE: Soothing breaths are in through the nose filling the belly and a longer exhale through the mouth. Three breaths like this are something I use all the time.

*Charcoal pills! These are great to have on hand! Activated charcoal is useful for so many natural remedies and helping you digest cannabis is one of them! Here’s a link to one brand, if you buy anything from Amazon after using my link (not just what I link to) I get a 3% bonus from Amazon’s profits. Of course I hope you shop small and local first but if you were gonna support Amazon anyway, thanks for using my link!

I’ve been smoking way less the last six months because it turns out smoking hurts my throat and I want to be able to teach aerobics for the rest of my life! But I still love the medicine and use non psychoactive ingestion to prevent Covid-19 and other harm reduced ways of consuming.

Sitting by a fire with friends, enjoying a joint and looking at the hummingbirds is a deep occasional pleasure for me and I hope you get out and enjoy nature and cannabis together if you can!

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