The biggest challenge I hear from my clients at Zoom Aerobics and my Reiki healing clients about self care is finding the time required. We don’t ever find time; we identify time by clarifying our priorities and boundaries.

Hi! I’m Bevin! I want to be a good influence on you! This photo is from 2018 at a Glowing Goddess Getaway retreat with a sound bath! The photo is by The Potparazzi and the crown is by Flowerz on Flowerz.

Sound healing is a simple one with a big impact! Swap out falling asleep to the TV or Netflix or plain white noise with lying down listening to a sound healing.

I went to my first sound bath when I lived in Los Angeles. Moving to LA I had the stated goal of developing my psychic abilities. In spiritual development you gotta try on new healing modalities and see how they work for you. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Initially I didn’t get it. We had blankets and chill space and someone played a synthesizer (I think, I couldn’t tell through the crowd). Sometimes need to give myself time to decide if it’s right for me, even if initially it’s weird. Nobody ever died of awkward and a few awkward tries can lead to great outcomes!

I started teaching at retreats and events that had sound baths. Healers with instruments like crystal singing bowls, Tibetan metal singing bowls, gongs, and my personal favorite Koshi chimes, among others.

As I’ve studied metaphysics, bodies and nutrition I now understand sound healing as part of the nourishment part of Self Care Kale.

When you experience sound healing make sure to drink lots of water! Water in your body, water on your body (showers! baths! swimming!), water through your body! Regenerating cells means the old ones need somewhere to go!

We are in a time in the Earth’s evolution where our personal frequency matters more than ever and we want to be generating our cells in as elevated an environment as possible. Like the food we eat (and supplements) that help our cells generate vibrantly, sound healing is part of giving us the best shot at living verdant, peaceful lives.

Our bodies are nearly 80% water–mostly salt water meat sacks shooting energy around. Sound healing affects all of that water.

The studies by Dr. Masaru Emoto of the molecular structure of water as affected by sound, words and intent are widely cited. This five minute you tube video is a good summary of his work.* What you listen to has a large effect on how you experience the world!

Sound healing is so helpful for relaxation. If you’re struggling with meditation or, like me, are continuing your imperfect meditation practice, sound healing is a great method for supplying that chill.

I realized I need sound healing way more frequently than intermittently at retreats. An in person crystal bowl session with a great healer is different than consuming from home, but this is one of those a little goes a long way self care modalities!

A good set of headphones is ideal, but right now my bedroom is small and my JBL speaker fills the room well. When I rest or when I’m going to bed (every night) I put on a sound healing.

In addition to sound healings and sound baths I also love Solfeggio frequencies and drumming. I have found some great tracks on Spotify and you tube, and the insight timer app.

My friend Tamara of Mohala Yoga is such a great sound healer and I love her Zoom moon circles with sound healings and microdosing cohorts. (More info on my experience with that here!)

There is research about sound frequencies and healing. I found this article on the science of the Solfeggio frequencies and the Schumann resonance fascinating. “Research supported the theory that sound frequencies do produce serious effects, for better or worse, on health and well-being.”

Solfeggio frequencies affects on water molecules! I have also heard that Pastorale by Beethoven is a healing work and I like to listen to that during my entheogenic moments.

Drumming has come up in multiple Reiki sessions with clients as a suggestion from the guides. Once I got a cool vision of a viking boat. I heard the message–“There was always music when there was work.” And I heard drums.

In times of stress or uncertainty I’ll be playing sound healings all day. And now that my beloved Feline Overlord Biscuit Reynolds is blind I make sure to leave him something nourishing playing while I’m out.

Adding sound healing to your repertoire is a simple self care shift with a big impact!

*I first learned about his studies in my Reiki Level One class, and the molecular effects of Reiki, prayer and energy healing is also fascinating!

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