Humans are meat sacks with salt water moving electricity around them. Energy affects us so much and 99% of us are not taught how to manage our energy and cleanse our energy. In these bonkers times if I were to tell you ONE spiritual practice to start is is my very simple spiritual hygiene meditation. It’s free.

Hi! I’m Bevin! I want to be a good influence on you! Protecting your energy will change your life and it only takes 30-60 seconds!

You know how when you walk into a public restroom and you can tell someone took a deuce in there?* That is the same way energy works but because we aren’t raised to be conscious of it we don’t notice it until it becomes depression, anxiety, constant fearful thoughts, malaise, disease, something funky happening to the people you live with because it ricocheted off you. Etcetera.

Just like you brush your teeth every day you need to be cleansing your energy and grounding yourself at least once a day. (I’m up to three-four times per day.) Some of us are bigger energetic katamaris than other but why not just do the simple thing that helps create ease?

Some of y’all out there are hanging with people who are energetic vampires or toxic waste dumps and your energy is madly affected by them. It’s actual science that you become like the five people you spend the most time with–that’s energy, too! You can absorb someone’s energy by allowing them to be a frequent influence on you!

I believe our emotions happen first as energy, then as emotions and then they land in the human body. This is why I love energy healing so much, it is more efficient and easier than what happens when stuff lands in the body. (I’m a Reiki Master Healer and an energy alchemist–we can work together on Zoom, or you can get access to meditations and group healings through any level of my Patreon.)

Spiritual Hygiene is basically getting intentional about the energy you are allowing into your space. (I mean your home AND your personal energy body, but in this post I’m focusing just on the hygiene of your body. For more from me on home hygiene check out my lesson on Patreon.)

I am a total Les Schwab girlie! If you buy your tires there you get free tire air checks and pumps for the tire life and free tire repairs. Not wheel repairs as I found out today (cry face emoji). Not sponsored but I sure wish it was!

My spiritual awakening and relationship with God began intentionally when I was 31. I first heard rumblings about how to ground and protect my energy in spiritual community and from teachers over the years but didn’t take it seriously til I read about it in Theresa Caputo’s first book There’s More to Life than This. I was 36 when I first read it. I have it on audiobook it is amazing I’ve listened to it many times.

The seed of my energetic grounding and protection is based on what she suggests but has gotten far more Bevin (insert bow emoji) over the years. My spiritual hygiene practice gets more intentional the more I learn, but like every devotional practice I engage in–has to be easy in order for me to do it!

I encourage you to start right now where you are and develop your practice as you resonate with all the new things you will learn and discover about yourself and your relationship with the Goddess/God/Spirit/the Universe/the life force energy that pumps your heart and breaths your breath the same life force energy that turns the acorn into the oak tree.

Okay, here’s the link to the ten minute spiritual hygiene lesson again I hope you’ll protect your energy like meeeeee! I love you! I want you to shine!

*Poop vapor is among one of the many reasons I will always and forevermore wear a mask in public restrooms–you go ahead and raw dog that air if you want or do a google dot com search and learn about poop vapor.

I checked this excellent book out of the liberry four weeks ago when my Aunt Shari was dying of lung cancer. She died so swiftly I didn’t even get a chance to finish this book to help, but I’m still reading it. I know at many more points in my ministry I’ll be supporting people through their transition to the ancestral or their loved ones. 80-90% of all deaths are known about ahead of time.

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