One of my many Covid-19 pandemique lessons is that immunity is a group project.*

If I was Paris Gellar and leading this group project I would have everyone take my supplement protocol (funded for anyone who needs it–a public health equivalent to passing out condoms).

Hi! I’m Bevin! You can absolutely wear a mask when on a mic, don’t let people bully you into being in unsafe situations you don’t feel comfortable with! And take supplements with a meal or a banana. If you use my Amazon link from this blog and buy anything it gives me a lil commission at no cost to you!

I can’t take your supplements for you!

I take Vitamin C, D and Zinc. Very high quality mostly because it’s either a whole foods supplement or expensive pee. These are the big three that prevent covid. My doctor has me on 600% of the RDA of vitamin D, plus I use a UV lamp in the winter to make up for lack of sunshine.

Most folks are vitamin D deficient says my doctor, especially up here in the North Pole! My D supplement is from mushrooms! D is really important for mental health! I love magnesium for muscle recovery, anti-anxiety and migraine prevention.

I also take a Zinc & Vitamin C gummy vitamin, a turmeric gummy to help inflammation, a probiotic to support immunity, in a perfect world I would also take holy basil. I take a great multivitamin and a phytonutrient from like 24 plants.

Plus my CBGA & CBDA to help prevent covid. It’s also therapeutic for many other reasons including inflammation and tummy soothing.

I am a big believer that health is wealth and I love how I feel when I remember to take my daily supplements. I’m done trading my health (mental, physical, emotional) for dollars. So many folks sacrifice their health for their wealth and turn around and spend all their wealth trying to get their health back!

I use the Daylio app to remind me of all of my habits including supplements.

I take fish oil and that has helped my seasonal depression so much. This post talks about my seasonal depression protocols.

I don’t eat any fish. Have hated it since I can remember. Big wars with caregivers about trying to force me to eat it. No thanks!

My doctor says I can’t overdose on fish oil and I look forward to finding out how good I can feel when I can afford to double my dose!

If one had experienced a covid infection, even a mild one, I would suggest all of the above plus a brain resourcing supplement with cistanche and a heart supporting CoQ10. Covid is a vascular illness and affects your wiring and your brain! Resource them so they can bounce back. Here’s a study where every single person who had even mild covid had a shrinking brain in an MRI.

I also use a barrier method to prevent Covid that’s really effective.

I ask about air quality in people’s homes before entering–using an air purifier is so important, and having one you can check on the filters etc… I take personal responsibility as much as I can. When I have a choice, I use it to prioritize my health!

I generally avoid sugar, gluten and dairy because it also affects my immune system and my mood. Being grumpy is also thought life stuff and we don’t choose our first thoughts but we can always choose better feeling thoughts and those are shown to boost your immune system. CHOICE! There’s empowerment in choice!

Plus my movement practice (you’re invited!) and my laughter yoga practice!

Okay, I hope I inspired you to prioritize something that will help your immune system as part of this big group project!

*I probably had heard a little about that sometime in biology class (??) but I didn’t understand it until everyone’s weakened immune system from previous covid-19 infections resulted in the worst flu season ever right now plus RSV and what was up with Monkey Pox? We really all are one living system like my friend Leah Garza teaches! Check out our podcast episode together 109 What Even Is Reality?

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