In January a study came out that said that CBDA and CBGA taken therapeutically (through a tincture, not, sadly from smoking) could prevent the Covid molecule spike proteins from being able to infect cells.

You can read more about how it works in this Forbes article. I had been thinking about using CBD therapeutically for many other great reasons, and this research was still more reason to try it out!

Hi! I’m Bevin! I want to be a good influence on you! Sharing about my health journey has been really helpful for folks over the 14 years I’ve been publishing this blog! I hope this encourages you!

When the mask mandate was repealed entirely in Washington state I got concerned enough about the consistently evolving variants to want to have more protection.

I’m active in the communities destigmatizing use of Cannabis so I’ve heard so much about the healing available from CBD therapy. (It’s a plant! It grows in the dirt! You dry it and then make medicine from it! It’s been used by humans for thousands of years! It’s illegal because of racism!)

I’m particularly Covid cautious for my body and health. Mostly because I have the privilege to work from home, live rurally in a community where it’s easy for me to maintain social distance.

I also avail myself of all vaccines available, consider myself fully boosted and re-up every 4 months. I mask 100% of the time indoors with other people and take few risks. Mostly because rarely does a risk seem enticing.

Maybe that’s “extreme” but I spent twenty years of my adulthood in a career that deeply affected my mental health and gave me a chronic digestive disease. I finally found what I’m on this Earth to do. Teaching aerobics requires my body!

I do not desire a vascular illness that shrinks my brain. Check out this study where every single person had changes in their MRI after even a “mild” Covid infection.

Anyway, this summer I had a couple of extra gigs that helped me have the resources to start CBDA & CBGA. I also was getting migraines and found a method to relieve migraines that begins with a therapeutic dose of CBD to open the endocannabinoid receptors. I needed the CBD on hand and I wanted it to help me prevent Covid!

I went to my favorite dispensary planning to just get a tincture, and ended up with both a tincture and RSO.

One of the coolest things about living in a state with legal cannabis is that the lab tests give so much information about what’s in each product. I was able to easily identify which tincture would work well for my purposes. For a tincture I take it sublingually, which means under the tongue.

RSO is short for Rick Simpson Oil and it is something you eat the tiniest amount (a dose of what I use is the size of a sesame seed–on a rough tummy day I might take a grain of rice sized portion). I didn’t even know you could find out all the various compounds in an RSO but there was one that had a high level of CBGA and CBDA and was a better value for the money than the tincture.

I started taking these daily (RSO on a day when it doesn’t matter if I feel the effects in my body, tinctures on days I need to maintain clarity) and was really surprised by the results.

Immediately I noticed I experienced the effects of smoking cannabis MUCH stronger and cut way back. If you think you need a tolerance break might I suggest start taking CBD therapeutically daily? Wow. I don’t really need to smoke like I once did to help my tummy and my aches and pains.

I do still enjoy smoking, just way less.

I love an infused pre-roll from the dispensary! Such luxury! Such bliss!

My tummy overall is way better. I have chronic IBS, which I mostly manage through food and lifestyle. My first week on the therapeutic daily dose I pooped like I was on a cleanse. My body was letting me know the medicine was working and settling my nervous system.

My eyeballs got funny. I don’t know how to describe it but it felt like my vision was different. I could feel a numbness in my eyeballs and could tell something was different. I’m okay to drive at night but I don’t really want to anyway but before my eyeballs settled down I avoided it completely. (Again, such a privilege that I work from home.) I also am still feeling some eyeball stuff from my current microdosing protocol.

My divination practices leveled up big time this summer and I started to see things in clouds and in mist like I hadn’t before. It reminds me of crystal ball reading or perhaps tea leaf reading. I also started a daily Akashic Record practice in June, so I think these overlap but I think there’s something to the CBD that helped my senses get stronger because my nervous system is expanding.

The biggest gap in the world is the gap between knowing and doing. I KNEW that using CBD therapeutically and intentionally would help my body but I had no idea that it would feel this much relief! I’m so glad I switched from just using CBD here and there to every day at 4PM using it as medicine. So grateful for this plant and all the advocates out there helping to decriminalize it!

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