I Wanna Talk about Riot Grrrl Legend Kathleen Hanna!

Kathleen Hanna is many things including the lead singer of Bikini Kill, one of the primary bands associated with the Riot Grrrl movement in the 90s. In addition to the punk rock shows they played, they distributed a lot of zines so folks could take them home and share ideas.

The Healing Properties of Foxgloves!

Working with foxglove energy is powerful, especially if you resonate with fairies. The fairies aren’t medicine to everyone, so check in with your vibes on it. Mostly what I do with foxgloves is hang out, watch their growth and change, marvel at their uniqueness and welcome the fairy vibration.

Fairies help with inner child healing, physical ailments, playfulness, energy, inspiration and household tasks. (And more!)

Vitamin I: Imagination

We are using our imaginations to come up with worst case scenarios when we worry. Simultaneously we are flooding our body with chemicals that harm our immune system and cause disease.

When I find myself worrying I like to antidote it by coming up with five good things that are possible. Training the brain against those tendencies to catastrophize.