Are You As High as You Want to Be?

I started saying this at Glowing Goddess Getaway events when I would be stationed at the Glow Bar helping goddesses decide how they wanted to consume cannabis. Being a loud gal, I hollered out “Are you as high as you want to be?” as an enthusiastic way to remind folks they came to unwind.

But it’s also a good reminder for yourself to actually set an intention for how high you want to be BEFORE you consume. You can always get more high, it’s really hard to get less high!

Pep Talk for Hard Conversations and Stressful Gatherings over the Holidays

My intention with this piece is to teach anyone who is trepidatious about going to a gathering some of my favorite tools for hard conversations and difficult people. I’ve been working on healing from social anxiety intentionally for nearly five years and I’ve learned a lot about how to release defensiveness and needing to be “right” which helps a lot with harmonizing conversations.

And the Pandemmy Award Goes to… Claire my Laughter Yoga Teacher!

First of all, I’m grateful for the practice! Yoga is about breath and so is laughter! Life force energy is found in our laughter! Being silly and joyful intentionally is so good for your health and experience of the world. Especially when it feels out of control!

FAT SEX WEEK XXL: 6 Tips for Reclaiming FUPA, The Fat Upper Pubic Area

Katy, like many of us, had to work really hard to reclaim loving her body, a journey she’s still on. She had to specifically focus on her FUPA to make it a source of pride and not insecurity.

“I had all these milestones with my body. I went sleeveless for the first time, that was a big deal. I took photos of my back fat naked. I finally wore sandals for the first time because I was previously so insecure about my big feet, I didn’t want to expose them…”

The FUPA was difficult. If you google the term, you’ll see it is usually used derogatorily. It’s not gender specific, all types of bodies can have a FUPA.

Click here to read more about reclaiming the FUPA!