Happy Steak & Blow Job Day! Here at Queer Fat Femme I decided to delay my celebration until Steak & Blow Job Day (Observed) and in the meantime I have made today an academic study brushing up on blow job skills and steak preparation.

This is a good steak primer, from Jen, a friend on Facebook.

Good steak is pan-seared. The trick is to pat it off with paper towel, etc., to get it as dry as possible before it hits the pan. That way, it will crust nicely on the outside and retain the juices inside. And don’t overcook it – steak MUST BE medium rare.

Also, let it rest for a few minutes before serving.

Check out the reluctant gourmet website, for interesting tips.

I asked my friend Lola Dean, who won an audience favorite award in a recent blow job competition in a certain legendary Park Slope basement, to provide her tips for S & BJ Day.

Lola Dean 9
Photo by Shameless Photography.

From the flat lands of the Southern Delta, Lola Dean comes to NYC with sassy, white-trashy spirit. Typically found around the queer performance spaces of New York as a burlesque artist with a sultry stage repertoire, she now steps offstage and into the bedroom to provide these erotic tips on giving your sweetie a sensual and special blow job performance.

If you’re thinking of giving your lover(s) the royal treatment on “Steak and Blow Job Day,” I would encourage you to brush up on your oral service skills to make the holiday special and unforgettable. A full belly can only be complemented by a great blow job, so take your task seriously, and your sweetheart(s) will sing your praises…quite literally. Many of us (but certainly not all) queer femmes service our lover(s)’ not-so-permanent cocks (i.e. dildos and toys), and while this is my specialty, I think these tips can be applied across the board for all body types and genders. First, remember this is a performance, so show us what you got! You are front and center, so pull all the stops, and dazzle your sweetheart by following these three tips:

1. Take it slow. Unless of course, your sweetie likes it quick and dirty! But generally speaking, you want to take your time and make a show for your sweetie. Prolonging the act builds excitement, which will intensify the orgasm. Jumping the gun by putting the entire cock in your mouth too soon can spoil the build up. If it helps, sing a song in your head and set “benchmarks” for the verses and choruses. For example, you can sing through Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” and promise to only make it halfway down the shaft by the time she leaves her heart and hand on the dance floor. Just don’t get too caught up in the song that you forget to focus on your lover’s pleasure!

2. Spice it up. This is perhaps, my favorite cock-sucking tip, because it leaves room for creativity, fantasy, and personal preference. The key to spicing up a blow job is being adventurous. For all you femmes and fags, swipe on your favorite shade of lipstick and open wide. The smeared lipstick on both your sweetie’s cock and your lips makes for great visuals and an erotic opportunity for gender expression. I encourage you to also consider role-plays and how a blow job scene can be used to enhance the play. Does your lover have a penchant for boss-secretary fantasies? Set up an “executive chair” and get on those knees! The possibilities are limitless, so let your imagination run wild, and your sweetie will be grateful.

3. Take special care. The third tip is quite possibly, the hardest to master, as it takes attention to detail and more than a little imagination. Taking special care of your lover during a blow job involves performing the service as if every inch of the cock has special and sensitive nerve endings, and every motion and touch can be felt by your lover. Ok, I know I know… you’re eyeing your silicone cock with suspicion right about now. After all, it’s not real, right? Nonsense! Reality lives inside our own erotic imaginations. Flick your tongue on the sensitive soft “skin” underneath the head. Kiss the tip with slow passion and care. If you want to test your gag reflexes, hold the base and slide the entire shaft in until your throat muscles inevitably protest. And I promise your sweetie’s toes will curl. Taking special care lets your lover(s) know you are thinking of their pleasure both physically and emotionally.

And, lastly, there’s nothing hotter than showing your lover(s) that you care about their sexual health and safety, so adorn the cock with a condom and/or play with toys that can be sterilized. And just like your favorite Babeland-bought, mint-flavored condoms, one size does not fit all in the blow job tip department. Experiment with these suggestions, talk to your lover(s) about their bodies and desires, and above all have fun! Share your thoughts and additional tips in the comments, and let the sexy blow job knowledge spread far and wide!

Catch Lola Dean with Bevin & The Baconettes at this month’s That’s My Jam Party! Sure to be magical!


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  1. The term “white trash” is gross and racist (implies that all other races are by default trash, and “white trash” is a special kind). Disappointing.

  2. ok, sorry for taking over here, but i thought of one more useful tip and so with this, i will stop blowing up your blog (no pun intended).

    * this also won’t work for everyone, and tends to work for the bustier amongst us, but another tried and true technique is the combo titty-job/blow-job.

    basically, before you get your mouth involved, grab that cock by the base of it and lean over and place it between your tits. move yourself up and down so that you’re basically jerking him off with your tits – you can squeeze your shoulders together to make tighten things up a bit.

    after doing this for a few minutes, begin to transition into the blow job: as you slide your body down, lean over and flick your tongue around the head. then slide back up, bringing that cock more fully between your tits, moving your mouth away. look your partner in the eyes, and give a nice mischievous look.

    keep doing this but each time you slide body down, take a little bit more of the cock in your mouth. eventually slide all the way down, so that your tits are out of the way and the cock is entirely in your mouth and hands.


  3. P.S. –

    On that last point, if you’re feeling especially cruel and you have this sort of dynamic with your lover, you can do the following:

    After you show your partner how turned on you are, instead of returning to the blow job, say “I need that cock of yours right now. I won’t wait one more minute. So if you want me to finish this blow job, you’d better fuck the shit out of me until I say you’re done. And you’re not allowed to come while doing so either. You’re going to have to earn the right to come in my mouth afterward.”

    Tried and true.

  4. Excellent post and great tips! I agree 100% about the performative nature of blow job giving and I especially second the tip about lipstick!

    Here are several tips to add from my own experience of giving head to all sorts of cocks over the course of my life:

    *Eye contact. Very important. At various times during your performance, look up and give your lover the best smoldering look you’ve got.

    *Coordination of hands and mouth. Give your mouth a break by using both your mouth and hands at the same time – i.e. wrapping your one hand around the base and stroking up and down to match the motion of your mouth or jerking off that cock off while your tongue flicks the tip and licks and sucks the head.

    *Make noise. Incorporate some moaning and “mmm” to let your partner know that you are having the time of your life. And if you’re giving head to a non-silicone cock, this has the extra benefit of providing some nice vibration.

    *Keep it filthy. By way of example — and this tip won’t work for everyone but you can adapt — here’s one of my favorite things to incorporate in a blow job: at some point in the midst of giving head, when I know I’m good and turned on, I pause for a second (perhaps keeping my one hand there to jerk off my partner’s cock) and I look my partner in the eye and say “Give me your hand.” I take his hand and place it between my legs so he can feel how wet I am. I then lick my pussy juice from his fingers. Following this, I place my own hand in my cunt and cover it in pussy juice, which I then cover his cock in. Before I begin giving him a blow job again, I look him dead in the eye and say “I’m going to lick all of that pussy juice right off your cock until you shoot down my throat.” Again, this tip won’t work for everyone but can easily be adapted to fit any body. The point is – keep it filthy.

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