Happy Solstice! I’m writing this on Summer Solstice because part of foxglove magic is their harbinger of the most sunshiney day of the year! May we all release what no longer serves us so that we can move into the next part of the year joyfully delivering our unique gifts to the world just as the foxgloves do!

Hi! I’m Bevin! I want to be a good influence on you! This is my foxglove friend in the forest named Penny Lane!

Moving to so-called* Washington has had lots of pleasant surprises and the wildflower show in Spring and Summer is one of the best parts of living here!

My favorite among them is the foxglove. What a babe! What a stunner! What a wonderful purple masterpiece!

My teacher Leah Garza helped me understand that colonial ontology (ontology is the study of reality) is to experience plants and the world around us as objects, but that in indigenous ontology we are in relationship to the world around us. (Definitely check out episodes 109 What even is reality? and 133 Make the world better by becoming more you with Leah Garza on my podcast if this concept intrigues you!)

I have been in intentional relationship with foxgloves since June of 2020 when a couple popped up in the forest and I got to visit with them everyday.

This is Yoko, she is growing in our septic field. The only one left after a weeding mistake and I’m so grateful she got to grow to blossom!

Once I got to experience foxgloves for the first time at 41 (remember there’s always more to life unfolding for us at every age) I was instantly mesmerized by the adorable freckles on the blossoms. Every blossom is distinct, every foxglove plant has unique colorings.

Part of colonial ontology is to categorize sameness and speed through everything in a rush. Whereas I’ve found when I slow down to experience distinction and uniqueness life gets energetically easier.

Wonder is a powerful emotion and applying wonder to the experience of flowers is a tonic for my soul.

Flowers are the closest energetic vibration to angels that we get on Earth. I learned that in church one morning from a spirit message and it echoes for me daily. This is why flowers brighten a room and pausing to connect with flowers elevates our mood.

I learned early in my metaphysical studies we need to pay attention closely to anything purple that occurs in nature. In the chakra rainbow, purple is the crown chakra, our connection to the spiritual world. Foxgloves (at least the wild ones around here) come in shades of purple and white. If I were to generalize I’d nail down white with purple freckles and purple with white freckles, but that’s not the reality.

This is Hey Jude, the Empress of Gay Gardens who watches over my door.

Shades of lavender, ombre lavender on white blossoms, dark purple with white splotches with purple freckles. So much diversity among them, each distinct like snowflakes and human beings.

Working with foxglove energy is powerful, especially if you resonate with fairies. The fairies aren’t medicine to everyone, so check in with your vibes on it. Mostly what I do with foxgloves is hang out, watch their growth and change, marvel at their uniqueness and welcome the fairy vibration.

Fairies help with inner child healing, physical ailments, playfulness, energy, inspiration and household tasks. (And more!)

Five foxgloves blossomed by the perfect little sitting spot in the forest. Foxgloves like to grow in sun spots (they want their spotlight at least once a day) and in the forest they grow where there is an opening in the tree canopy. I have yet to see this many blossoms at once I was truly delighted!

I always call upon fairies when I work with Reiki clients with covid. If you don’t have a houseplant in your house I highly suggest getting one for tons of good reasons.

When someone is fighting covid I ask them to put a houseplant next to their bed, giving the fairies access to help. Fairies can get to you through any plant with dirt, through crystals, through just asking for them to come help, but you can help them help you.

I use spent foxglove blossoms to amplify the fairy energy in my houseplants. It’s essential that the blossoms are spent, as in they fell naturally from the foxglove plant. You can just set them on the dirt for however long it takes for them to shrivel.

Fairies can get through without the blossom portal but they have described it to me as the difference between liking Taylor Alison Swift’s music and identifying as a Swiftie. An exponential amplification.

Foxgloves are physically very soft. Their leaves are soft (at least the natural wildflower ones around here) and their blossom stalks are soft. The blossoms themselves are soft! It reminds me of Biscuit Reynolds when he is freshly shorn. Vibing with them is a softening of my energy.

In order to grapple with the uncertainty of life right now, I leaned into my obsession with foxgloves these last couple months. I learned how to identify the leaves and started looking out for them starting in 2021 but it’s taken me til 2023 to slow down enough to really savor their unfolding. They take two years to blossom and don’t always bloom every year. The uncertainty of which ones will bloom is its own kind of magic!

Watching and waiting to see which ones will bloom in the forest and in my garden, what color blossoms they will serve and how long they will pop off is so rewarding to me. The folks who watch my instagram stories (Besties!) know how obsessed I’ve been. It feels like waiting for chickens to hatch eggs.

Naming the foxgloves started on a whim when I saved some foxgloves from a pile of discarded weeds in the septic field. (The weeders were going after thistles but accidentally grabbed foxgloves. They didn’t know what was up.) The names have deepened my relationship with them and singing to plants is always a great idea so they are named for songs.
I really love Grateful Dead. I’ll tell you about the frog miracle of Gay Gardens in another post!

Okay, I hope this post influences you in your healing, in how you pay attention to the flowers around you and how you enjoy the unfolding of the beautiful seasons without foreboding joy!

*”So-called” because some white men with guns stole it through slaughter and called it that?

P.S. Here is a write-up about foxglove magic from a flower oracle deck! I love that they protect from malicious gossip! Return to senders!

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