During this pandemic taking vitamins and supplements has been an important part of how I take personal responsibility for the robust quality of my immune system. I’ve studied enough about the effects of stress on bodies to know that mindset is also a very important part of how we stay physically and mentally healthy.

This whole pandemic I’ve been consciously using my imagination to raise my spirits.

I’m Bevin and I want to be a Good Influence on you!

I’ve walked around Paris countless times while actually walking around my forest home. I check out and revist Dollywood in my mind frequently. I have planned entire trips and parties.

I made a whole plan for a Covid cautious outdoor birthday party last December in Los Angeles. (Even down to the vendors who would be bringing taco trucks, cotton candy and the glow bar.) My brain was getting really tired of the endless pandemic and wanted a break. I felt my spirits get lighter as I focused time and attention on that party so I just let myself do it.

There’s a fun prompt in my mind that is “If I had a private plane…” because I believe the safest way to travel to avoid Covid is private plane or RV. Even in my dreams the lives of folks I might affect through a chain of infection matter to me. So I factor in testing and caution and living a very low Covid transmission life.

Just this week I found out my bestie Rachael is going to Ft. Lauderdale for work next week and one of my favorite artists is playing in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend.

It’s truly delightful to think about getting to visit Rachael for the first time in three years!!

I immediately planned out private plane arrival, getting to go with Rach and our friends all tested negative to an outdoor concert in an empty section. I did no research on the actual venue and don’t know if it’s outdoor but in my imagination I want to be as safe as possible. My friend in real life last summer got to be alone with her friends in a big empty section of an outdoor concert venue and it was the most covid safe rockin’ thing I’ve seen.

In my dream we are all wearing Say Gay sweatshirts in different colors because that terrible Don’t Say Gay Bill passed in Florida and, again, even in my dreams I want to make a positive impact. It’s timely!

The Say Gay sweatshirts are available from Genuine Valentine the same designer who is my beloved friend and supports Fat Kid Dance Party lavishly with gorgeous graphic design and tee shirts!

Most of us are socialized to believe imagination and dreaming are frivolous. The creative adult is the child who survived. My powerful imagination got me through a childhood that was hellish at times, mostly in my own mind because I felt so incredibly unworthy of love.

My imagination and dreams are where possibilities are born.

We are using our imaginations to come up with worst case scenarios when we worry. Simultaneously we are flooding our body with chemicals that harm our immune system and cause disease.

When I find myself worrying I like to antidote it by coming up with five good things that are possible. Training the brain against those tendencies to catastrophize.

One of my favorite law of attraction teachers, Kyle Cease, says to write down fifty things that are possible every morning. Begin a statement with “It’s totally possible that…” and let ‘er rip. It’s harder than you think to get to fifty.

In January I got a strong calling to plan an RV tour for this Spring/Summer/Fall. My beloved psychic Alex confirmed that for me saying “You need to be on the road. Just because you’re good at connecting to people’s energy via Zoom doesn’t mean other people can connect in the same way and you need to serve them. Your community is different now than it was before the pandemic and you need to connect to them.” So I started making the plan all laid out in the back of my planner ready to go when the means present themselves.

I’m calling it the “Just Saying it Could Even Make it Happen” Covid Safe 2022 Tour based on the Kate Bush line I instruct my Fat Kid Dance Party students to say out loud during aerobics.

One of my best traits is that I’m an audacious dreamer with a strong vision for what the world could be and should be. I know using Vitamin Imagination helps my mental health because as soon as I start focusing on the lack of material results from my hard work over the years I feel really awful and can spiral fast.

When I spend even a little bit of time thinking about taking a private plane to spend a special weekend with my besties I feel great! When you’re feeling good you’re feeling God and I want to be vibed up and ready for divine inspiration not in a shame spiral talking myself off the proverbial ledge.

I hope this helps you remember to value your imagination, your visions for what is possible and dream a little more. We live in a dream crushing society that profits off your self loathing. Keep dreaming, keep going. We need you!

For more on this concept and some cute pictures from my once upon a time Dollywood wedding read this post about Pronoia! (RIP those plans!)

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