Are You As High as You Want to Be?

I started saying this at Glowing Goddess Getaway events when I would be stationed at the Glow Bar helping goddesses decide how they wanted to consume cannabis. Being a loud gal, I hollered out “Are you as high as you want to be?” as an enthusiastic way to remind folks they came to unwind.

But it’s also a good reminder for yourself to actually set an intention for how high you want to be BEFORE you consume. You can always get more high, it’s really hard to get less high!

I’m on Week 3 of a 9 Week Microdosing Protocol and Here is How it’s Going

All of this is provided for information purposes only and not a substitute for medical care! Around the time of my Virgo season mental health spiral (TM) part of what was spinning me out was a lack of… anything to look forward to on my calendar. Third Pandemic Winter. Seasonal blahs. When I started to […]

Treasure Map to Healing with Psilocybin on Bevin’s Podcast

Recently on my podcast I’ve been intentionally connecting with women who use psilocybin for their mental and physical well-being. I put together this treasure map in case that is something you’re considering using to help improve your experience of life.