The Healing Properties of Foxgloves!

Working with foxglove energy is powerful, especially if you resonate with fairies. The fairies aren’t medicine to everyone, so check in with your vibes on it. Mostly what I do with foxgloves is hang out, watch their growth and change, marvel at their uniqueness and welcome the fairy vibration.

Fairies help with inner child healing, physical ailments, playfulness, energy, inspiration and household tasks. (And more!)

Stop and Smell the Irises!

Sniffing flowers is less than five minutes of my day but I think it’s sacred to spend any amount of your life with 100% pure present moment in the pleasures that delight you.

Our desires are holy information bringing forth a powerful future collectively, and it’s important to notice them and indulge them when we are able to. Being on a flower sniffing mission has brought a lot of joy to me this past month.