“We’re fierce but not nuts, we’re the Sharks!”–Leah, Epsiode 8 of FemmeCast

There’s so much to be excited for in 2009!

Episode 8: That’s My Jam! Running time: 62 minutes.

In this episode host Bevin Branlandingham and FemmeCast contributors discuss what’s exciting about 2009.

Femme Shark Correspondent Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha and her BBFFF and co-founder Zuleikha Mahmood debut their latest addition to the Queer Lexicography, JAM!
“The reason why the Jam is such a great term is it’s better than any other term out there for the transmasculine genitalia. The Jam is something you want to get up in. We’re talking about the JAMvantage.”–Leah and Zuleikha

Zuleikha (left) is totally wearing a SHARK HAT

Special guest Sea Creature Ally Giant Squid, Amir, talks up the transmasculine first person account of using the term Jam and ways trans people can work to become comfortable with their bodies.
“Embracing the Jam is a way to become a good Sea Creature Ally to the Femme Sharks because it’s all about loving our bodies, embracing our bodies and using humor as a way to resist.”

We debut the Cripping Femme Series with a piece by series curator, Leslie Freeman!

Tara’s Fatshion report highlights her new love for wearing red, white and blue “Now with 20% less irony!”

Featured music by Dance Yourself to Death and Athens Boys Choir!

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