FemmeCast Episode 9: Thinking Big

“Thinking big, as a queer, as a woman, as a femme, as a fat person, as a disabled person, as any kind of marginalized identity, is a radical act.”–Bevin Branlandingham

Host Bevin Branlandingham asks queer entrepreneurs and artists about their big dreams and big plans!

New Minisode of FemmeCast Now Available!!

After a brief hiatus, FemmeCast returns with a minisode all about the sweet stuff (or the not so sweet stuff we turn into a good story)!!

Host Bevin Branlandingham is joined by Femme Shark Correspondent Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, hosting live from a road trip journey earlier this Spring.

FemmeCast Episode 6: The Lesbian Footwarming Syndrome NOW AVAILABLE!

“Don’t let improvements in public health cloud your romantic judgment.”–Kelli Dunham, Episode 6 of FemmeCast Episode 6: The Lesbian Footwarming Syndrome.* In this episode host Bevin Branlandingham discusses the ways in which queer fat femmes are critically engaged in their relationship status. Running time: 67 minutes. www.Femme-Cast.com Fatshion correspondent, Tara, teaches us how to convert […]