All of this is provided for information purposes only and not a substitute for medical care!

Hi! I’m Bevin! I want to be a good influence on you. I have no agenda for what you do with this information. I want you to feel fully informed and comfortable making whatever choices you want to make with healing! This collage art was a gift by my friend & Astrologer Drey Vibes!

Recently on my podcast I’ve been intentionally connecting with women who use psilocybin for their mental and physical well-being. I put together this treasure map in case that is something you’re considering using to help improve your experience of life.

If you’re curious about healing with fungi this collection of conversations is great for exploring without doing anything yet!

If you haven’t watched the documentary Fantastic Fungi it’s on Netflix right now! It’s worth an understanding of who the mycelium are and what they can offer us as a species. We are all interconnected!

Just like I believe your ideal weight is how much you weigh living a life you actually enjoy, I think your ideal health can be whatever you need in order to live a life you actually enjoy. My biggest suggestion is lots of water and mindfulness practices outside of your use of fungi. It’s not a quick fix it’s an amplification of the mindfulness practices you continue to engage in that encourages the creation of new neural pathways.

You can find most of these episodes on my you tube channel, or find them on Apple/Google podcasts or Spotify (search “Bevin”).

Here’s to healing with plants! And the term Magic Mushrooms because the experience can be legit magic. Sometimes the downloads are pure love and when you’re having a tough time in life it’s so refreshing to feel pure love!

104. (Solo) My Experience with Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) for Healing

145. Tamara Chance who leads microdosing cohorts, two of which I’ve been part of and we talk about microdosing in community and using mushrooms to heal!

132. Samantha Montanero who uses psilocybin and other non-psychoactive fungi to recover from a brain injury and is very smart about mushrooms and plant medicine!

128. Jennifer who used psilocybin intentionally for her burn-out recovery and for her regular mental wellness self care days

134. MsKindness B Ramirez who is a mom and has used psilocybin to heal mental health

116. Ashley Manta on using Ketamine for treatment resistant depression!

This is an audio recording on you tube of a Clubhouse Roundtable I did with Tokeativity. There are several women who share their experience healing with plant medicine and psychedelics. I come in around the 50 minute mark and I bring the party (naturally).

131. Aunt Mimi who uses psilocybin as part of pain and mental health

117. Kendrra uses psilocybin for her cluster headaches but we didn’t talk much about it. She uses a microdose once a month and once every five days if the headaches aren’t all gone from that once monthly microdose until they go away.

74. Deidra Bliss on DMT and healing with psychedelics (and all things plant healing)

129. Noemi talks about psilocybin and toad medicine for healing! Plus tapping which helps regardless of plant medicine use!

108. A solo episode where I talk about a profound psilocybin journey I had while camping, more like sharing a story of what the fungi taught me!

45. For folks who are new to cannabis this is a solo episode I use to talk about how to have good first time experiences with cannabis for mental health! And for practiced stoners how to level up how potent cannabis feels!

I’m adding more episodes to this series in the coming weeks so tune back in to find more on this list!

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