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For the time being this episode of the podcast is in two not so gracefully edited chunks, just stream one after the other and you’re good.

“Thinking big, as a queer, as a woman, as a femme, as a fat person, as a disabled person, as any kind of marginalized identity, is a radical act.”–Bevin Branlandingham

Host Bevin Branlandingham asks queer entrepreneurs and artists about their big dreams and big plans!

Diamond Daggers Burlesque founder and artistic director, Amelia Mae Paradise, talks about their big European Tour this Spring. Check out the Bay Area, CA troupe here!

We unveil the Femme Book Club!
Read along with us! This month: Dorothy Allison’s Two or Three Things I Know for Sure (get your blog posts ready around Sept 1, and ongoing) and then September’s pick, Amber Hollibaugh’s My Dangerous Desires: A Queer Girl Dreaming Her Way Home (Series Q) (blog posts ready around Sept 29, and ongoing)

Sophie’s Favorites:
Book of poetry by Brenda Shaunessy called Interior with Sudden Joy: Poems

Dorothy Allison’s Two or Three Things I Know for Sure

Terri’s Favorites:
Felicia Luna Lemus’ Like Son and Trace Elements of Random Tea Parties (Live Girls)

Bevin’s Favorites:
Shar Rednour’s The Femme’s Guide to the Universe

Ulrika Dahl & Del LaGrace Volcano’s Femmes of Power: Exploding Queer Femininities

Bryn Kelly tells the story of her first MichFest after years of attendance at Camp Trans.

“It’s like lesbian Disneyland in there.”

Alix Izen discusses The Inverted Eye, discreet fetish antiques. Buy your next decorative item, gift or vintage costume piece from The Inverted Eye and support sex-positive queer entrepreneurship!
inverted eye

Damien Luxe talks about her monomaniacal search for a van and the adventures seeking her dream took her.

News & Announcements:

Mangoes with Chili Tour, Fall 2009 Austin, Atlanta, places in between!

The Femme Porn Tour,, Late Summer 2009, East Coast

The Fat & Queer Conference, November, 2009, New York, NY

Butch Voices Conference, August 20-23, 2009, Oakland, CA

Zoe’s break-up survival guide on Bevin’s blog!

What we’re listening to:

Music for Men, “Dimestore Diamond”

Mal Blum, “Ode to Kulele”

Axon Damien Luxe, “Femme Tech”

Stay tuned for our next episode, Thinking Big! Part 2 and then A FemmeCast Guide to Courtship, coming soon!

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