“Don’t let improvements in public health cloud your romantic judgment.”–Kelli Dunham, Episode 6 of FemmeCast

Episode 6: The Lesbian Footwarming Syndrome.*
In this episode host Bevin Branlandingham discusses the ways in which queer fat femmes are critically engaged in their relationship status. Running time: 67 minutes.


Fatshion correspondent, Tara, teaches us how to convert dresses for winter wear. Like this!

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha talks about scarcity and dating.
“Sharks do not take anything except prime pieces of sirloin. We do not apologize for our hunger.”

Naima reviews The Secret. “What kind of credentials do you need to become a ‘visionary’, anyway?”

We have a round table on the cultural capital of couplehood.

We welcome writer and activst Gina De Vries and world class Belly Dancer Miasia to FemmeCast. Technical Editor Anna break the veil of silence to discuss singlehood.

And, we react to the election results. (See Bevin on Gawker from the NYC Prop 8 Protest!)

*The concept of The Lesbian Footwarming Syndrome, as introduced by Kelli Dunham, is “You’re a lesbian, I’m a lesbian, let’s keep each others’ feet warm.” With no further considerations for happiness, sustainability or compatibility.

FemmeCast: The Queer Fat Femme Podcast Guide to Life is an audio newsmagazine for Queer Fat Femmes, Fatshionistas of all sexualities and Queers of all genders. Hosted by Bevin Branlandingham with a cadre of regular contributors, we’re discussing dating, fat fashion, social justice, friendships, sex, gender, tranny talk, culture, travel, community and feature new music by Queer artists. A whimsical This American Life meets a radical queer how-to novel with MTV generation timing, FemmeCast will keep listeners laughing, connected and inspired.

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