When shit feels like it’s hitting the fan, I like to know if things are going on astrologically that are informing it. Sometimes it feels like such a relief to know I’m not alone and that there are others being hit in their deepest places. I’m certainly not the only person in my life who is having to deal with some super deep, core stuff right now.

My partnership with Katie Sweetman of Empowering Astrology continues this month. We’ve put together a road map of this month’s doozy of astrological wallops… Katie says this month is all about self care and she’s right. We need to get centered and focused on ourselves in order to get through all of the things the stars have in store for us, leading up to the Cardinal Grand Cross in April.


We both wrote some great self empowerment and self care based activities for this month, which you can check out in this free download.

I’m also very inspired lately by Katie’s words on her Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. That in this time we can be guided by fear, or we can instead choose hope. I remember that as a very centering thought these days as folks are honking impatiently, scowling on the street and otherwise not being particularly kind. I work to remember that everyone is dealing with something that is hitting them deep, and that we all react in our own ways. The only thing I have influence to change right now is my own thinking, so I do my best to set my thoughts on positive things. To be kind wherever possible, even if I’m not getting credit for it. And to be kind to myself, first and foremost. I’m big into turning rage into productivity and sometimes that’s about working on compassion even when it’s hard and feels super unfair.


Katie is prepping for an amazing Astrology Retreat to a private estate in Ocho Rios, Jamaica April 3-8, 2014. Workshops include strengthening your intuition and after dinner rituals! I was thinking how if I had the cash it would be a no-brainer for me, I would hop that flight and escape the last dregs of Winter here in NYC (and this one has been a doozy of cold, bad weather and bad vibes). In prepping this post I went through the photos from the one and only beach vacation I’ve taken during the Winter, to Vieques, Puerto Rico. It was a lovely trip and it’s been far too long since I’ve had the resources to do that. If it’s in your power to (wo)manifest a trip with some astrology powerhouses, take Katie up on the offer to escape and learn more about astrology!

Check out the January and February self development exercises!

2207972782_d5d91960c8_zYou can tell it was a long time ago because my hair is super short! I started growing it out when I got laid off from my day job in late 2008 and started paring down expenses… I get my hair cut like twice a year now, back then I had to keep it up every eight weeks or so.

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  1. I feel I need to clarify that getting ready to ride again is about me doing something I always enjoyed doing, not about throwing away this awesome figure. Had to be said.

  2. I’m thinking, not many people are up at six am Googling their own name because they had an odd dream that led them to do such a random thing. My surprise to find not only other women named Bevin but fat, queer ones writing articles about astrology and self-care?! Synchronicity does seem to be in full swing however after Mercury going direct but this is, well, really odd…in a good way.

    Yesterday I had just finished repairing my bicycle tire so I could start riding again, my first step towards doing the kind of self-care your article addresses. Lying in bed last night I was thinking about my life, I was wondering what would be next. What should I focus on to get to the place I want to be? This last year has been a bugger, to say the least but I can see it’s been that way for many people. Things must finally be taking a course for a happier, healthier future.

    So I had to share what I had found and vent there for a moment because in all honesty life has lost its shine a bit, I hadn’t seen the kind of synchronicity that makes the world seem magical for quite a while, and to send my gratitude for bringing that to my life again.


    Another fat, queer, self-aware woman named Bevin.

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