My Chicken Soup Recipe!

I made this chicken soup to offer my neighbors for our outdoor showing of the Barbie movie. I am still getting compliments on it from people and one of my neighbors wanted the recipe.

The Go With Everything Peanut Sauce

A big part of what has helped my thrive during this pandemic living outside of delivery zones and living on a budget that’s not even friendly for take out–noodle recipes! Knowing in one week I’ll have three kinds of noodle dishes if I want has been a big delight. I want to help you learn what’s elevated my life experience through this blog!

My Bone Broth Recipe!

I always save my veggie ends and almost dead veggies from the fridge. I have a couple of gallon ziplocks going at any time, and I’ve found that no amount of onions is too much, a whole bunch of scallions tastes impeccable as broth. (You can make a veggie broth this way, and I would suggest if omitting the bones use 1- a few medicinal mushrooms! Reishi! Turkey Tails! Whatever loves a long boil!)

Re-Entry Nacho Bites

It took over two hours to prep and then more time to clean-up but I thought it was totally worth it. I usually turn on some kind of inspirational noise (like a talk, sermon or interview) and it’s very meditative.

So, here’s how I cobbled together my Nacho Bites and I am interested to know if folks have better/different/faster dumpling assembly methods than my sort of figure it out on the fly methods. I always love when my favorite bloggers share recipes so here goes.