As my mom reminded me you need to use up or freeze leftover turkey by Sunday night! Here’s how I make bone broth!

Hi! I’m Bevin I want to be a good influence on you! If you buy anything on my blog using my amazon links I get a tiny comission at no cost to you! At an entire cost to that “astronaut!” I have no photos of me at Disneyland with a turkey leg but I have a pic of me in a teacup so here we go!

I got my recipe from my friend Vic! She changed my life with health coaching during my candida murder lifestyle. I started making bone broth back then and now I’m a consistent kitchen witch brewing my cauldrons of healing goodness.

Victoria Albina has a far more detailed post about what and how bone broth is good for you. I’ll be echoing some sentiments but her post is 300% more detailed and if you’re a nerd like me you’ll appreciate the rabbit hole of her reasons bone broth is great medicine for you.

My instant pot! They don’t get cheaper than Cyber Monday. I deserve to have two cauldrons out and available so I also have a Ninja 3-in-1 crock pot which is most proximal to this new Ninja 5-in-1 that has pressure cooking, searing and air frying. For me it’s being able to sear meat before I crock pot it in the same appliance AND the water baking feature is so fun and good for rescuing gluten free carbs.

I also recommend just getting the Instant Pot air fryer lid attachment you can air fry more at once than in the tiny air fryer appliances. I love that I get to live at a time with air frying and crock potting.

THE RECIPE (I think it’s more of a “method”, Vic’s post has a real recipe)

I always save my veggie ends and almost dead veggies from the fridge. I have a couple of gallon ziplocks going at any time in the freezer. I’ve found that no amount of onions is too much, a full bunch of scallions tastes impeccable as broth. (You can make a veggie broth this way, and I would suggest if omitting the bones use 1- a few medicinal mushrooms! Reishi! Turkey Tails! Whatever loves a long boil!)

I only ever use good quality organic humanely raised bones. All the chemicals an animal is exposed to gets into their bones. It matters. Sometimes you can reuse bones for awhile, beef and pork last me several rounds. I love to buy a bone from the butcher, way cheaper than meat which is not always in my budget.

I put the bones in the crock pot (or instant pot), add all the veggie scraps, and a bunch of herbs from the garden. Rosemary, thyme, oregano, catnip (soothing to people), chamomile, sage is what I have going right now but grab whatever you think might be delicious. I will sometimes throw dried nettles, rose petals and lavendar in there. If you don’t have a kitchen witch garden use dried herbs!

The stuff in your crock pot should be near the rim, fill with water to about an inch from the top just for stirring room. (3/4 full for the instant pot.)

A little bit of cracked black pepper goes a long way when you cook it a long time.

More salt than you would think–probably at least a couple teaspoons or a tablespoon?

A glug glug (1 tblsp?) of apple cider vinegar to help with the bones (omit if you’re doing the mushroom thing)

I run my crock pot for 12-16 hours and then cool it down before processing it. I will do instant pot manual for the veggie broth 45 minutes with natural release. For bone broth I would do 120 minutes on manual with natural release.

I pour the broth through a kitchen sieve or a tight slotted collander and throw away the remainders, saving the bones if they are salvageable in the freezer.

The prime rib Mom and Pat cook for Christmas provides me bones all year long thanks to my freezer. If I have meaty bones I’ll pick off the cooked meat after it’s first trip through broth and add it to a stew.

I use the broth for all kinds of things (frequently soup! or keep in the freezer) but my favorite is a simple soup with rice ramen noodles I get from Costco. I use a dash of hoisin, a dash of hot sauce and a dash of bragg’s and it’s so good!

Okay I hope you bone broth! Some people with big families just have bone broth going in the crock pot all winter long! If I’m really on my game I drink it every day!

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