Cherishing early adulthood stamina

I’m feeling really nourished by all of the fun memories I made in my early adulthood really squeezing the marrow out of life. I think one of my greatest assets in that time was having so much fun!

Cardi B is giving me hope by giving me jams

I wondered whether to share this in my “kid letters” but since the intent is that you’ll read these as an adult, and I want you to be empowered and own your sexuality no matter what it ends up being. (And knowing it can change! And that’s cool!)

This won’t last forever

I keep my head planted in this zone where I’m certain about the future, and present and appreciative of what I can be in this moment. And staying put, sheltered in place. And deeply aware of how powerless I am over this disease and pandemic.

It’s okay to thrive

I lost about a third to a half of my projected 2020 income within the space of a week. But, I have multiple sources of income and could shift my focus to that. I had strong routines. I had a lot of mental health supportive self care. I had strong leadership in my life. And now, five months into this quarantine, I feel thriving.

Cheerfully adapting to what I thought I didn’t want going into 2020

It takes an emotionally mature and mentally tough person to adapt cheerfully when things don’t go their way. I had originally intended to be on the road much of this summer and that didn’t happen. The pandemic is making travel potentially lethal. I don’t really need to go anywhere. So I’ll cheerfully adapt and see what I can learn about myself staying in one place for a long time.

Go slow to go far

But constantly being in a rush, focused only on my point of view and not taking into consideration different communication styles or what someone was really communicating was a huge liability. 85% of job advancement is based on people skills, according to research by Stanford, Harvard and the Carnegie Foundation. Developing those I’ve realized how much slower I need to go in order to have the connections and depth with folks that my Scorpio Moon desires!

Fail forward

In life no matter what you’ll absolutely be disappointed, treated unfairly, just plain knocked on your ass. If you choose not to learn from it, you will continue to be presented the same lessons in different circumstances until you do. So it’s just best practice to learn from it, evaluate it and get better.

Next year in Paris!

Today I contemplated that I’m not missing out on Paris right now. I can’t actually go (fun little meme going around showing the very few countries that are allowing US citizens to enter). No Paris FOMO, though who knows for how long.

Corona caution feels like something people are forgetting about

I watching this IG TV with the chief of staff of Shriner’s pediatric hospital about corona and it only made me feel more secure with how cautious I feel about everything right now. Coronavirus remains a serious health risk. Just because it’s inconvenient doesn’t mean it went away.

What to do if someone copies your idea

All the time I spent talking about and worrying about other folks copying me long ago… I literally thought to myself earlier tonight, “I had too much time on my hands to pay attention to that, I shoulda put my head down and gotten back to work on myself or my business!”

Feeling like there’s not enough space and nowhere to go

I have to think that thin people experience this, too, but my experience of feeling like there’s not enough space has everything to do with being fat. This happens in stores where the aisles are small, big crowds of people, restaurants that are too crowded, having wait staff hitting your chair a bunch. Basically for me, it’s feeling like there’s not enough space and nowhere for me to go.