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Cherishing early adulthood stamina

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(This post is part of a series of daily letters from me to my future children reporting from the emerging paradigm.)

Dear Kids:

I interviewed your Aunt Rachael for my podcast today about her experience having the Corona virus. She said the worst part about it for her was all of the stress her loved ones were under being worried about her. She was in a fever haze most of the time.

Before we recorded the podcast we reminisced about epic nights out together earlier in our friendship. (In our 20s, we are both officially over 40 now.) Some of the most legendary nights of my life were in Atlanta with Rachael.

She said, “I can still go out til 3 AM but I won’t recover for two days, three if I’ve been drinking.” As much as I hate to admit it, I think I, too, had much greater stamina earlier in adulthood. I really prize getting a good night’s sleep now.

Once I realized what it was like to feel well-rested after I got laid off from my job in 2008, I could never go back to being tired all the time.

I’ve actually gone to great lengths to design a life where it’s possible for me to rest more on days I need it. Like today! Having a really hard digestion day and had to adjust what kind of work I could do.

I’m feeling really nourished by all of the fun memories I made in my early adulthood really squeezing the marrow out of life. I think one of my greatest assets in that time was having so much fun!

I was so hard working and didn’t get to have as much fun as a high schooler and early college student that once I got to going out I really made the most of it. I went to parties with DJs I liked (I can’t stand parties with bad DJs) and spent time with friends I liked and generally followed my enthusiasm. Took fun photos and made memories.

I’m not advocating hard partying or even drinking, I’m simply advocating enthusiastic adventures with friends who light you up. And enjoying late nights while you have that stamina! I’m looking forward to other seasons of my life where sunrises are something you experience after waking up not before going to bed. But wow, those nights when our socializing met the sunrise were always the sign of a fun adventure.

I love that Rach and I can still go out and adventure when I visit Atlanta, but we have a lot of self care involved now, too. And I also love that she’s making a full recovery from the Corona virus.



It’s been “hot” here (nothing compared to LA) and I noticed yesterday that if I lay on the forest floor it stays really cool and almost a little damp even though it’s dry. I immediately understood the life of a banana slug better.

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