When all the astrologers referred to the early part of December as a time of heightened agitation and being annoyed I said, “Who me?” And, in fact, I’ve found myself annoyed! Here are some tools that help me:

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We are going in order of effectiveness because today this is what really moved my energy.

We store our FEELS in our hips! We store our grudges in our hips! Our bodies are 80% water they want to move around and all that water is affected by the moon!

Just five minutes of some stretches today helped me feel great! I love to bend at my hips and put my arms on a wall or a tree and push out. Then do a slow lunge on each side. Maybe a few hip figure 8s or circles. Drain the energy.

If I’m willing to get on the ground or the bed I also enjoy a deep child’s pose.


Meditation is helpful when I get annoyed. Just chilling and getting into that soothing place that lives within me. I remembered today how my first ever meditation experience was a whole hour with Sharon Salzberg 14 years ago. I’m grateful I started somewhere, an hour is truly bonkers for a first time, and what a legendary teacher.

Here’s a post I wrote awhile ago about my shitty, inconsistent meditation practice. I’m proud to say I meditate at least once a day (first thing) and ideally three times a day plus other mindfulness. As my quality of life improves from this self care practice it gets more crucial for leveling up.

Today I meditated and felt chill for a bit but the annoyance came back!


Certain emotions like anger, jealousy and irritation are information emotions. What’s the emotion telling you? I find that sometimes with physical pain or emotional pain /discomfort, exploring the lesson helps hasten relief.


If you’re in a situation with someone who is pushing your buttons, and you can leave, choose your peace.

There’s a great Al-Anon reading that reminds us we don’t need to pass our peace like we pass the salt. I love that as an adult I have a lot of choices.

Go to the powder room, go for a walk. I have some Al anon literature (the little page a day books like courage to change or hope for today) and those are so good for getting my perspective on track when I need to take a minute.

I have been seeing some noise canceling earplugs for folks who are sensitive to lots of noise. (Which I heard recently is part of being a genius for some folks.) If you’re an empath or highly sensitive in lots of ways, please let me encourage your self care and boundaries. “I’m not available for that.” “I can be here for ___ time and then I will need to take a break for silence.”


Dancing of course even for a minute just wiggling my body and releasing.

In this time of heightened annoyance I wish you sovereignty over your peace.

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