I have always been so annoyed with cat litter and have tried SO many kinds over the years. I used Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat for Older cats and the formula for long hair cats for a few months when my beloved boys ALF and Bear were still with me. (I did one box with that and one box of clay litter. They appreciated the variety.)

I really appreciate that I’ve inherited all of my Grandmother’s cat stuff. She had a Persian cat throw pillow!

I tried the newspaper litter. I tried one bag of the “World’s Best” cat litter which I immediately hated because of the smell and it almost clogged my toilet. I pretty much never use the toilet for cat litter but it said it was safe on the bag!

There was the regular clay stuff, the clumping clay stuff and it always ended up with bits of litter everywhere. Oh man, one of my biggest pet peeves is being barefoot and having litter stuck to my feet. My Persian Princes would sometimes get the litter clumps stuck to their paws and then there would be weird clumps on my floor. Cat litter is as insidious as glitter but NOT as cute.

The best I found with ALF and Bear was lightweight cat litter. It was a mix of clay clumping litter and the cedar stuff and was a miracle as far as I was concerned, at that point carless in Brooklyn. I had to buy it at Petsmart on Atlantic Ave and take the bus home, with many pounds of cat litter in my granny cart. Let me tell you, lightweight litter made a huge difference in the schlep and in scooping.

When I was pondering Biscuit Reynolds and waiting for the right moment to bring him into my life, I saw an ad for Tidy Cats Breeze on Petfinder.com. I want to support businesses who support pet rescue organizations and websites. I went down the internet rabbit hole researching it months before we adopted Biscuit Reynolds. I knew the litter system I wanted to try before I even had a cat in mind.

It’s been over six months of cat litter dream life–I do not say this lightly, I LOVE MY CAT LITTER SYSTEM.

Here’s how it works. You have a litter box, but instead of tiny pieces of clay litter, it’s got bigger pellets made of some kind of sustainable material (I can’t find it while writing this article but I remember from my internet rabbit hole that it was plastic and foam). The pellets are about the size of a piece of rabbit food. You don’t use a ton and they last for about a month, with regular refills from your stash.

The pee goes through the tray through small slats into an absorbent pad (puppy pads in a specific shape for the box), which is supposed to be changed once a week or more depending on how many cats you have. Biscuit Reynolds drinks A LOT of water because of his Urinary Tract Diet food, and I still only need to change it once a week. When you forget to change it, you will start to smell it and the tray gets soggy and needs to be drained in the toilet before you toss it and rinsed. When I do it just once a week I don’t need to rinse the tray. I use the plastic sleeve from unsolicited newspapers/advertisements that end up on my doorstep to throw away the pads. They’re the perfect size.

Cat poo hangs out in the top amongst the pellets and you are meant to scoop it daily. I didn’t like the scoop (Biscuit Reynolds gets mushy poos every fourth turd, and it makes the scoop messy) so now I use plastic grocery bags and pick it up like I pick up Macy’s poo when she goes on a walk. Dara hates poo so I have a pledge that I will try to immediately remove poo. Biscuit Reynolds LOVES to immediately poo once I’ve grabbed the last poo.

Since we live in California there’s a law against plastic grocery bags, they cost 10-15 cents and aren’t the cheap disposable kind and are more sturdy. I import them from Dara’s mom in Las Vegas who generously supplies us with a huge stash when we see her.

Other than his smelly mushy poos and when I’ve gone longer than a week without changing the pad, I have never had a smell from the box. It is pleasant, the pellets are easy to throw back into the box and I’m dealing with 90% less litter outside of the box than I ever did before.

I change the whole box of pellets out monthly and give the litter system a full scrub inside and out with all purpose cleaner during that change.

I think the cost compared to what I was paying before in conventional litter (where I would have to scoop pee out constantly, and change the whole box at least weekly) is roughly the same. The pads and the pellets aren’t cheap. I buy it on Amazon 100% of the time and have done a lot of math to figure out cost per pad and cost per pound of pellets. Buying in bulk is the way to go. (Here’s a link to a listing for 10 packs of 4 pads each, which is 40 pads, for $61–which is just over $1.50 per week for the pads.)

A couple of Amazon reviews offer some cheap solutions about cleaning the pellets, but I find that because of mushy poos I have a lot of natural attrition and can’t clean (nor do I really want to do that work). Someone suggested using airsoft pellets for airsoft rifles which are waaaaay cheaper. I might try because they come in fun colors.

Anyway, I am truly obsessed with my Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System and have recommended it to at least 10 friends. Try it out, there’s a money back guarantee. It’s $29 for the first month’s supply of pads and pellets and the box, which is a mighty bargain for a cat box.

I will always disclose when I’ve received compensation for a product review and I am just an honest fan of this litter system. If you try it let me know how it goes for you!

Femme Stoner hotel room party with crafts, snacks and squishy faced muppet pets. Katy’s arm makes an appearance.

As an aside, if you find yourself moving and you have a cat, keep your whole supply of litter accessories with you when you go to the hotel. I kept two weeks worth in the car with me when I moved but I still haven’t found the box that has the Tidy Cats Breeze pads in it so I had to buy more prematurely.

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  1. My senior cat decided he didn’t want to cover his urine or feces anymore with litter and would then step on it and get stuck in his foot and I was at my wit’s end! I found this system and watched a video of a cat breeder who uses it but switched out the pellets for equine pellets from Tractor Supply and used large puppy pads. The pine pellets absorbed the urine and turned to sawdust and fell through the holes. I will try that when I run out of the free pellets that came with the system. He transitioned in one day and I’m so thrilled! No more washing cat feet!

  2. Have only had this a week.So far seems like a good product. My only thought is that it may be a tad small for a larger cat. So perhaps size choices?

  3. Thanks so much. I just started this system today. Im so happy to hear positive feedback. I am disabled in my hips and changing, cleaning, mopping up litter was a painful DAYLONG chore.

  4. I have 2 cats and I absolutely love this system. No more litter everywhere and no odor and scoop it once a day and they love the clean litter box. I do use the generic pads but I sprinkle baking soda to make sure to neutralize any odors. I highly recommend this litter system to cat owners for stress free hygiene.

  5. Breeze Kitty Litter System is the best I’ve found!! My 4 cats love it no kitty litter all over the house and no smell! Have had Cats my whole life and this works the best!

  6. I love the Breeze system! It’s amazing!! My friend came to my house recently and she said where do you keep your litter box and she was standing right by it! I tell everybody that I know that has a cat they need to get one…

  7. I have SIX cats and we LOVE the breeze systems and have even found a very cost effective alternative to the pads and pellets! You can purchase either disposable puppy pads or human incontinence pads like they use in hospitals or nursing homes for much much less and just cut them in half or fold them to fit in the tray and I much prefer using the pine pellet cat litter because not only is it cheaper but when it gets wet the pellets fall apart and it’s a BREEZE to just shake the litter box until all of the “peed on sawdust” falls into the tray and dump it. Also the pine pellets are 100% flushable! Then you can just add fresh pellets on top!

  8. I absolutely LOVE the breeze system. I just got it and it has made the biggest difference in smell and cleaning is literally A BREEZE! No more bags of litter being cleaned and dumped.. I simply scoop the poop and toss it in the toilet. Chewy.com sells the pellets and pads at such a reasonable price too. I get 3 months supply of pellets and 10 weeks of pads for $20! This is the best invention yet.

  9. I started using in December 2017 and absolutely love it. I have had cats for over 25 years and always had kitty litter in my bed since my cats love to sleep with me. Also keep kitty litter near my shower in my bathroom and when I got out would always get kitty litter on my feet.
    The only issue I have is I have to look where I walk since the pellets still get on my bathroom floor and they hurt if you walk on. No big deal – since should be looking where I walk anyway.

  10. Thanks for the great review. I don’t know why everyone isn’t using this! Cost factor I guess. It’s been a lifesaver for me. I’ve developed a weak heart and can’t carry the dirty litter out to the trash. I have 6 cats and now disposing of the waste is a “BREEZE”.

    1. I love the Breeze system, have tried every litter box and kitty litter there is this is the best by far! I’m a pet sitter and one of my clients used it, since I have 6 cats I gave it a try!! Couldn’t be happier. The cheaper pads from amazon have no odor control tho, so it’s best to keep with the breeze pads.

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