It occurred to me in First Pandemic Winter that it was actually a great idea to be quarantined during this time of year. The weather is nasty, car accidents are way more likely, everyone is *really sick* frequently. But imagine if we just mostly worked from home, schooled from home, stayed safe(r) at home?

Hi! I’m Bevin! I want to be a good influence on you!

There was a peace in that time in 2020 when folks were resting.

A hundred years or so and earlier in linear time… we humans mostly couldn’t hustle bustle in the Winter and you just got snowbound at home.

I heard the most charming early Santa Claus inspiration. During Winter folks would stay in their houses and a shaman would come by and the only ingress or egress due to the high snow was the chimney. The shaman would leave medicinal mushrooms for the occupants and the “gifts” were the insights given to them by the mushrooms.

It really could be so simple.

Mammals in the Winter get chubby and sleep a lot. We are literally mammals!

EVEN DOLLYWOOD closes in the Winter! My first tip to anyone going to Dollywood is to check their calendar of open dates. They are tricky! And they conserve their resources in the Winter saving a lot of lives from commuting workers!

What if in the Winter we did less, slowed down, declined invites that didn’t make our hearts sing. What if your heart singing was your only indicator and the rest of the time you spent safe(r) at home? Out of the stream of viruses.

I got a report in my NY Times virus briefing email a couple weeks ago that 1 in 500 babies in the US was in the hospital right now. That’s a lot of babies! In my opinion, a wildly too many amount of babies.

I just know if I got a deadly virus I would not have wanted to do it because I went to dinner at a person’s house I didn’t even like. Let the jolly carols tell you what’s up–life is about the company you keep and being cuddled up in hygge during the Winter.

I’m just really passionate about people having the option to stay safe(r) if they want to. We don’t even have special immune compromised/elder folks hours at the grocery stores anymore.

It’s week 141 of Quarantine, for those who have had the privilege to observe.

It’s a piece of cloth on your face.

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