My Federalist Papers: Mycelial Economic Solutions

The three main resources all of us have available to us are our time, treasure and talent.

Much like our beloved mushroom friends function as an underground network of mycelium, I try to move my resources and nutrients very intentionally between places that matter to me.

My Federalist Papers: 12 Party Government

American democracy is getting it wrong. It represents corporations and highest bidders, ignores the will of the people.

I’ve been brewing my own ideas about a new form of government and I am going to dream out loud with y’all.

What if Winter Meant Quarantine?

It occurred to me in First Pandemic Winter that it was actually a great idea to be quarantined during this time of year. The weather is nasty, car accidents are way more likely, everyone is *really sick* frequently. But imagine if we just mostly worked from home, schooled from home, stayed safe(r) at home?