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I am so much happier with an iphone than my Google Pixel and it’s all about connection

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(This post is part of a series of daily letters from me to my future children reporting from the emerging paradigm.)

Dear Kids:

Your Aunt Rachael in Atlanta has the Corona. We’ve been in tight communication since before the pandemic thanks to Marco Polo, her polycule and my getting an iphone and being added to a group text thread.

Because of all of this newfangled communication–I know how careful she’s been! I’ve seen their polycule become a quarantine pod and I’ve seen them negotiate and talk about risk factors.

You can be ever so careful and one contact with one person outside your pod who said they were safe but forgot to mention dining outside at a cafe with co-workers… And now Rach is having trouble breathing, feels like an alien hijacked her body and can’t watch anything that makes her laugh too much because of the breathing.

I know that worry doesn’t do anything but rob the present of joy. So I do things: Praying. Seeing her whole and healed in my mind’s eye. Talking to other folks about wearing masks–I can’t believe there’s so much resistance to a very practical solution to disease spread.

I’ve been sending lots of energy healing her way. I’ve loved all the massive communication with all of her awesome polycule friends and loves. It’s been rad to know how she’s being supported. It helps from across the country to be that connected.

I stuck to android devices for the entirety of the iphone era. I just switched to the iphone in May when I moved into my trailer, the Lavender Queen. My Google pixel finally gave out and after all of my many years of exclusive android use I switched to the iphone.

The thing that’s most important in life are your people. I knew that having an iphone would make it easy to connect to folks. It’s so much harder to set up an appointment with someone I’m really close with to talk on facetime when you have to use a computer to get facetime.

I kept using android because it made business easier when I was a lawyer. I essentially had an office on my phone and the functionality was easier and better. But I have not been a practicing attorney for a few years now and I just absolutely love having a quick phone based facetime check in with the people I love. I can’t believe I waited this long!

And the imessage group text threads! We can post bitmoji stickers?? I feel like we’re a group of cartoons hanging out.

I’m still on a steep learning curve right now–iphone functionality is fiddly for me, but 2 months into having an iphone and I’m really appreciating it.

Never appreciated it more than a spontaneous facetime group from the imessage on day one of corona symptoms for Rach. And then spontaneous check ins via facetime so I could hear how she was doing and see her face. (She still looks amazing, and forever award winning cleavage.)

I was like, wow this tiny device has so much more connection to offer because of the people on it. And connection is the most important thing there is!



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