(This post is part of a series of daily letters from me to my future children reporting from the emerging paradigm. Also all the links to Amazon on this earn me a tiny commission from whatever you buy when you enter Amazon through that link. Thanks for helping me run this blog!)

Dear Kids:

I remain obsessed with my cat litter box, the Tidy Cats Breeze system. I don’t know if there will ever be a system that tops it, but I’m ready to know. I hope when you’re adults and ready for cat companions that there has been an even better litter box invented.

Last year I got excited when I bought these generic “Amazon Basic” pads for the box. They are far cheaper than the branded Tidy Cats Breeze box pads. Every penny counts when you’re an entrepreneur, but it was scarcity mindset that kept me using the pads when I first moved into the Lavender Queen, my trailer.

Now that I live in a very small space, I can assure you, the branded Tidy Cats Breeze box pads are far superior.

In my castle in Los Angeles, I had the cat box inside a big cabinet with a hole cut out. (My mom, your Nanny, made it and gave it to me when she downsized.) I never smelled the pee on the pee pad with the Amazon Basics, but I did need to change it more frequently.

In the fairy cottage I sublet when I first moved to the Olympic Peninsula, I had the litter box in a little vestibule off the hallway. Didn’t notice a smell often but every now and again I would smell cat pee and spray Nature’s Miracle “around” the floor to “refresh” the environment.

When I moved into the Lavender Queen and the most logical place to keep the litter box was in my small bedroom, it would smell like pee in like 3 days. I kept “refreshing” the carpet and it took me about three weeks to realize that it was the pee pads–they didn’t trap odor at all!

I knew the solution was likely switching back to the original pee pad. But I just let scarcity mentality rule for awhile and I suffered! Why??? It’s a little over $3 a week for pellets and branded pee pads. $12 a month is still less than I was paying in actual clay litter that tracks all over my house. It would be unbearable in this tiny space to have to sweep like that, I still just pick up the pellets when they get out of the box and toss them back in.

I lived with that cat pee smell way longer than I should have! I deserve to have an environment that smells awesome–nothing like pee! I want anyone coming into my space to only know I have a cat because they met him!

Anyway, I give myself props for finally getting around to buying the branded Tidy Cats Breeze pads . I changed the pad after one week and never smelled pee! They truly trap odor!

Kids, I hope you never settle for an environment that doesn’t support you thriving.



I’m learning a lot about boundaries living with my cat during quarantine.

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