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Fail Every Week

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(This post is a series of daily letters from me to my future children reporting from the emerging paradigm.)

Dear Kids:

I watched an interview with Sara Blakely the founder of Spanx today. She related the story of her father asking at the dinner table every week what she failed at. She would seek to try things so that she could report her failures. The lesson of this was that the only actual failure is to not try.

I was crying during this interview because I just wish I had that kind of environment growing up! I am working right now as a 41 year old human on how to embrace failure as a necessary part of success (because it is). Failing means you’re trying enough. Evaluated experience is part of my every day effort to get 1% better.

I will absolutely use everything in my parental possibilities to create a safe environment to fail in so you don’t shy away from trying. I want to create resilient adults!

Emotional muscles are some of the most important we have.

Try, fail, get better, be awkward, learn. Try, fail, get better, be awkward, learn. That’s how we build the world of our dreams.



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