Hey y’all. Been having some difficulties on the back end of my website. I run WordPress, and have since the beginning of this blog in 2008. In the past almost eight years I’ve had four big issues, three with hacks and now some backend weird issue with memory allocation. I’m still trying to get it figured out through the WordPress tune-up service from my host. They migrated my site to a new dedicated WordPress server, so folks who have my site cached might have to do some kind of cleansing to get to my site again. Cleansing is good for you? I’m trying to adjust my attitude to seeing this as a positive thing, even though it’s stressful to be on the road and trying to manage stuff from afar. Also I got sick in Illinois and it’s cutting our trip short. More on that later!

I would love to have a WordPress expert person on call who can help me with this stuff as it pops up. (It always happens kind of urgently and I scramble to get someone to help.) Also looking for advice from folks who have blogs with lots of hits about how you handle your backend web stuff. Anyone out there know of a WordPress expert who is taking new clients let me now. queerfatfemme at gmail

Until it all gets fixed, please be patient if you find weirdness trying to read entries on the site. And greetings and happy new year from Truth or Consequences, NM, where I have spent the past 18 hours sleeping, resting, and healing in the magical hot springs water of Blackstone Hot Springs!


Ugh. Websites.

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  1. Hi Bevin,

    I just sent an email, though Gmail has me frequently (& unfairly) blacklisted. If you don’t see something from Adam Rubinstein, please check your spam. 🙂

  2. Hey! Sorry you’re having issues – I speak from experience when I say this stuff is the worst! I’m a WordPress web designer myself, but am not available for ‘on call’ stuff right now.

    In which case I heartily recommend Cee Webster (dapperdigital.net) – queer, awesome, built and manages Autostraddle.com, rocks a bow tie, all round brilliant person 🙂 Also she’s in your time zone (I think?) which probably helps!

  3. Hey Bevin, hope your new server works out, but if you run into any problems, I can probably be of service! I’m a developer who specializes in WordPress, and am quite adept at removing malware, debugging, and optimizing WordPress sites. Not sure if your host helped you out with any optimization, but there may be some ways to speed up the site and reduce server load a bit…

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