Hey pals!

Me and Leslie at Rebel Cupcake.

Tomorrow at 3PM Eastern time and whateveroclock your time, I will be joining Golda Poretsky of Body Love Wellness for her Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummit. The topic of the telesummit call I am on is Fat/Queer Intersections and I am joined by Charlotte Cooper of Obesity Timebomb and Jessica Luxury of Tangled Up In Lace.

I wish we could all be together in one room and have it involve cocktails but since it’ll be in the middle of my workday I’ll be just my sober charming self.

The calls are free, and basically it works like a conference but via phone. I’m fascinated by this newfangled communication. You have to sign up ahead of time, which you can do through this link. Call in! It’ll be a blast!