Getting through insecurity

When you are continuously growing it’s a relief. I choose to grow and stay committed to the daily habits that make me better. These are things like reading from success books every single day, being very mindful about what input I absorb and surrounding myself with folks who make me better.

FAT SEX WEEK: Review of the Plus Size Liberator Wedge

The Plus Size Wedge differs from the original Wedge in the dimensions. The original measures 24 x 14 x 7 whereas the plus measures 30 x 14 x 7. I was on it and I was glad for the extra space. I could feel firmly planted in the center of the Wedge and didn’t feel like I was falling off either side. If it was six inches smaller I would probably feel sort of insecure on it, like I might roll off. Insecurity is a total buzz kill for fat sex!