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Announcing Dollypalooza September 5th in Brooklyn, NY!

About three months ago I was in Pigeon Forge, TN on a trip to Dollywood with my friend Jess. We are both super fans of Dolly Parton but didn’t think that our adventure to Dollywood was going to be anything more than just a fun trip to check something off my bucket list. We stumbled onto Dolly’s homecoming weekend at the park and a convening of more Dolly fans than I’d ever been around at one time. The energy was intoxicating!


One highlight from the weekend was going to Night of 1,000 Dollys at a gay bar in Knoxville. There were actually only about 8 Dollys I think, but I couldn’t tell for sure. We couldn’t make it into the bar because it was so packed, but we had a great time in line meeting local folks and taking photos with all the amazing Dolly styled queens who walked by!


I was super inspired by the event. I’ve produced several Rebel Cupcakes around Dolly Parton themes, including a staged reading of Steel Magnolias with me performing as Dolly’s character Truvy. But I wanted to do it bigger than I have ever done before.

When I got home I booked a great venue, with a huge stage and a backstage area worthy of a LOT of queens ready to honor the glitteriest star in modern times. I love Dolly Parton and I am so thrilled to bring this vision to life!

IMG_6618I kept taking pictures of Jess with the queens and she would be like, “Are you sure you don’t want one.” And I told her, “When the right Dolly comes out, I’ll know it’s time.” This was my Dolly choice.

The event takes place on 9/5–fantastic homage to the song 9 to 5!

Friday, September 5th, 2014 * New York, NY
Bevin Branlandingham Presents
DOLLYPALOOZA: An Epic Fan Tribute to Dolly Parton
Doors 11p, Show 11:45 * $12 early advance, $15 advance, $20 at the door
LITTLEFIELD, 622 DeGraw Street, Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY
Atlantic Terminal (2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, Q trains) /Carroll St. (F & G trains)

Dolly Parton has inspired generations of performers and we gather to salute her positivity, flamboyance and high glitz glamour!

Come one, come all, as we use drag, burlesque, live music, performance art and glitter to celebrate all there is to love about Dolly Parton!

World Famous *BOB* performed Dolly Parton’s “Hard Candy Christmas” while distributing candy canes from her bra at a Rebel Cupcake show in 2011.

Nath Ann Carrera performs a show entitled “I Don’t Want To Throw Rice, I Want To Throw Rocks: The Early Southern Gothicism Of Dolly Parton!”

Merrie Cherrie is a glittery leader in performance communities, much like Dolly herself.

Chris (of Hur) was deemed the most avid Dolly Parton fan of the New York drag scene.

Sequinette created an act about Dolly’s secret Butch lesbian lifestyle.

West Vargina joins Sequinette in recreating Dolly’s vision of the Stairway to Heaven.

Miss Mary Wanna once performed a risquee butter double team number to Dolly’s “Potential New Boyfriend.”

Femmecee Bevin Branlandingham named her law firm after her favorite Dolly Parton movie and considers Dolly a spiritual guru.

and MANY more performers!

Interested in performing at Dollypalooza? Apply here by August 10th.

IMG_6566Examples of great Dolly fan outfits.

FAN CONTEST: Cash prize for the best fan outfit of the evening!
Nath Ann Carrera also DJs before and after the show, there will be epic Dolly dancing!

RAFFLE: A raffle to benefit Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (a literacy program that provides one book per month directly to children who need it) will feature amazing prizes!!

RSVP on Facebook!

Accessibility notes: There is plenty of street parking available. There are gender neutral single occupancy bathrooms. Littlefield is wheelchair accessible. Some seating available for folks who need it. Email queerfatfemme at


The Kentucky Fried Woman Show: Video Post!

I first saw Kentucky Fried Woman at an International Drag King Community Extravaganza conference in 2002 and many years subsequent. She’s always been a tour de force of queer fat femme love, community leadership and great performance. I’ve never seen a troupe, group or solo performance that she was in that was anything less than superb. We’ve become good friends over the last couple of years and when I got a call for performers for her new monthly show at Velvet* in Oakland, CA… well, it was hard to deny a $200 bargain fare from Philadelphia to Oakland for a subsidized vacation.

The show was TV Show Theme Songs. The Jeffersons theme, Charles in Charge, Six Feet Under, The Golden Girls, Facts of Life and a few others were highlighted. I co-femmeceed the show.

Kentucky Fried Woman married her two loves of Dallas and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in a burlesque extravaganza that included a kick line AND tassel twirling.

Thanks to my mom being in the audience, I have video! Here’s my number.

I did the True Blood theme song and married my two loves of morality vampires and Paula Deen.

I also have video of my FemmeCast promo from the show here, as well. What you should know is that right before this segment we had a commercial break (Penny Whistle & Lance Armstar did several commercials, this one was Mr. Clean featuring a dirty pig and a farmer with a knife).

The KFW show is thematic and every single first Friday of the month until the end of the year. I was totally sad to miss the Muppets Take Oakland theme show, but it’s the day before the Fat Girl Flea Market. I have to say a big thanks to KFW for having me at this show, though, because this trip to California was really restorative for me, both as a performer and a human being.

*The management of Velvet has been taken over by the inimitable Christine De La Rosa. It is truly becoming a community space under her leadership and you should consider going there for the free wifi and community space Monday-Wed, and on the weekends for their extremely hot patronage.

I loved Velvet so much that I went back on Sunday night to spend that historic End of the L Word Forever Thank God night with Zuleikha and Gina De Vries. I was overwhelmed by how packed it was and HOW HOT all of the queers were. I mean. Oakland, where were all these hotties when I was a baby gay and living in the Bay Area? I tried to take a clandestine photo of the audience (only half of which I could get from my angle) but mostly failed.

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