I was on LinkedIn (are we pals there–let’s link up!) and their robot overlords asked me to answer the question how folks can move from an internship to paid work* in event planning. I think this advice could apply to any industry! And I didn’t want to let LinkedIn profit off my advice if I could host it here on my blog!

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I like Steve Martin’s advice “Be so great they can’t take their eyes off you.” This is a good strategy for social media, branding, content creation and workplace!

My favorite entrepreneurial content creator is Myleik Teele & she says “The extra mile is not crowded.” When you show what you have available at an internship, make genuine friends, are collaborative, people will think of you for future opportunities.

Also, read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. It should be called “How to shave off your rough spots so people you love know you love them.” We are RARELY taught how to connect well with others and people do business with folks they like!

I have hired interns to do paid work, I have also been an intern who got hired!

*I went from an unpaid internship at the California Attorney General’s press office to a paid staff member based on my work habit and people skills. I genuinely regret not putting off law school to keep working in that administration because number one it was fun work for me and I didn’t realize how rare and valuable having fun at work can be!

Also two I might have finally understood that the life experience of attorneys is not the life experience I wanted to have! I did not understand that lawyers have four times the national rate of suicide/addiction and have a higher likelihood of divorce. I treat regrets as my teachers and now know to pay attention and cultivate experiences that bring me joy and satisfaction!

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