(This post is part of a series of daily letters from me to my future children reporting from the emerging paradigm.)

Dear Kids:

I just got really scared to send an email “putting myself out there” and decided to take a break and shift my focus.

Fear, discomfort, and awkwardness are all symptoms of resistance. If there’s anything I can tell you about living your best life it’s that feeling those things and doing it anyway is the key.

I say this at every Fat Kid Dance Party class, we cheer for awkward because life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Plus, it’s so much fun to hear someone holler out “I feel awkward” and cheer them for doing it anyway. It feels super awkward to do a thing for the first time and we experience that a lot when we do new movement modalities.

I used to have a sticker on the back of my phone that said “action cures fear” which is totally true. Either you’re doing the thing or you’re thinking about doing the thing, creating more resistance.

It’s like jumping into a pool when you know it’ll be cold and uncomfortable until your body temperature regulates to the water. The faster you go the faster it feels better.

When I was producing nightlife shows and a performer would confess to me that they had stage fright, I always said this: Your nervousness says that you care about your audience. That’s a good thing. Go out there and love on them and give them a great time.

So now that I’ve done this pep talk for myself by talking this out with you, I’m going to go sit down and get this email written and breathe and send it. I hope you always walk swiftly into your fear and love on people.



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