(This post is a series of daily letters from me to my future children reporting from the emerging paradigm.)

Dear Kids:

I promised myself I would mention in today’s letter, that I’ve been second guessing myself all day. As soon as I was done with my dancing in the forest video I contemplated reshooting it. I have re-written that last sentence a bunch of times.

Days like that I tend to need to shift gears. Create a new segment, as taught by Esther Hicks. And remind myself that self doubt is human. Action cures fear and worrying about what people think is the root of a lot of suffering.

I was dancing to All About that Bass (really second-guessed the capitalization on the title of this post) because I have been thinking about Covid-19 Weight Gain AKA Corona Weight Gain AKA the Covid 19 AKA the Covid 15 (like the Freshman 15 for the weight gained first year eating in the dorms) AKA Rona Roundness…

People were joking about it at the outset of the pandemic three and a half months ago, but it’s probably happened for some folks. They maybe got a little tummy or their access to their former lifestyle kept them at home and they don’t feel as vital.

I have been the opposite, I was already swimming in uncertainty for a year by the time the quarantine hit. I had figured out that a strong routine and habit stacking was growing me out of my funk and keeping me emotionally stable.

Maybe they feel discouraged because they fell off their routine and their bodies are feeling it.

I was filmed for a documentary about body image and after interviewing dozens of fat people the director told me that most folks learn their body image from their mother. From all of my research about how kids learn most, they learn by who the parent is. I know that my work on myself now is work you don’t have to do.

In my dream scenario you totally love your body exactly as it is no matter what, and you nourish it in ways that make you feel vital and enjoy life. So that’s what I practice.

Shared simple ways to approach a bit of covid 19 weight gain on my podcast. Intentionally made it short. Used it being short as an excuse to second guess myself and want to re-record. I denied the urge. Allowing things to be imperfect or one take wonders is my primary artistic impulse to defeat perfectionism.

Here’s hoping more people dance around in their underwear loving their tummies to All About That Bass. (So inconsistent with that capitalization.)



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