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Can we reconcile capitalism and liberation?

(This post is a series of daily letters from me to my future children reporting from the emerging paradigm.)

Dear Kids:

Just talked with my friend Magaly about systemic racism and the US. It’s fun to be a former lawyer with current lawyer friends because they remind me of dormant thoughts and opinions I haven’t been interacting with.

Since the United States was born at the intersection of genocide and enslavement, the question comes up can it even be redeemed? And yet, Mags and I are both the children of immigrants who sought opportunity in this country. Mags’ folks specifically escaped communism in favor of the opportunities of the free enterprise in the United States’ capitalist system.

We wondered how to reconcile capitalism, which is so inherent in upholding systems of oppression, free enterprise opportunity and the possibility of liberation for all. This is a great video explaining how systemic racism works and how unequal access to capital affects folks generationally.

I truly believe that each human contains the seeds of ideas that bring about our collective liberation and joy. I think that we’re all born with inherent dreams, desires and delights that lead us towards what we are meant to bring about in our lifetime. I mean this across all differences, that no life comes to the mortal plane in vain.

Some folks their place in the movement is to protect the environment, some folks are here to move forward scientific advancement, some folks are here to be incredible parents and caretakers. And some folks come here to love and teach us empathy.

Following our joy is part of unlocking and fertilizing that seed. Capitalist ideas that we must “work” or “produce” in order to have value get people stuck in careers and jobs that give them no opportunity to germinate those seeds. Absent a lot of grit, determination and support, it’s really difficult to germinate seeds on the side when just running a day to day life is so time consuming. Keep us working to death so we can’t revolt.

What is happening during this time that is supporting the Great Uprising is monied folks helping to pay bills of folks who are spending their time on the front lines doing protests. It’s incredibly cool to see folks come together to resource share in order to advance a huge social agenda to dismantle racism and move forward equality.

I would love to see more folks redistributing wealth in concentrated ways. Part of what I’ve always wanted to fund with my potential future millions is an activist incubator that supports folks with strong visions with the skills they need to create sustainable movements.

Obviously systemic oppression continues to exist because it protects the interest of the 1% and anyone with a full house isn’t going to ask for a new deal. But seeing even some rich folks doing what they can to keep the momentum of the Great Uprising going is heartening.



One of my fav pics of me and Magaly in Atlanta singing along to Britney Spears.

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