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Your power is in your daily habits

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(This post is a series of daily letters from me to my future children reporting from the emerging paradigm.)

Dear Kids:

Day three of a new habit. I realized in the past few months that nailing down several daily habits is how I best function low-stress high-productivity. Not “most days”–every day. It’s liberation through discipline (or as Michael Bernard Beckwith puts it in his book Life Visioning–“Blisscipline”).

My intention when I set out to do these letters was to get them done and posted early in the day. My theory is if I center my “why” before I endeavor to get the day’s tasks done, I will be more productive.

Finishing this in the morning hasn’t been the result yet but as I keep working at getting this into a daily habit I’ll move towards shifting it into the “when” I was aiming for.

When I started my meditation practice ten years ago, I barely ever did it. Now I’m a diligent first thing in the morning daily meditator. I realized last year that if, in ten years, I can adopt a life changing habit I do at the same time every day, I can definitely habit my way to more life improvement.

Being willing to do things and not nail it right away has been a growth area for me. Something I want so much for you is to strive for greatness not perfection. I accidentally learned by being an overachiever perfectionist as a young person who naturally excelled in academics, that talent overrides work habit. That’s not true. Talent sometimes prevents us from our greatness because it teaches us to rely on innate ability instead of developing what really gets things done.

Something that has been crucial to my shifting mindset is practicing chunking things down into tiny daily tasks. “Winning the day” by doing what I set out to do and fulfilling my personal objectives.

I think a lot of what has slowed down anti-racism is folks feeling frustrated that the problem is too big for any of us to fix. And it is! It’s a huge issue that requires a lot of work. When a lot of work is spread across a lot of people is very possible to topple.

Unarmed Black people have been executed by police officers many times during my adult life. We have historically had big uprisings followed by petering out of sustained effort. What I’m hearing and seeing that is different this time is a call for sustainable long-term action.

If white folks spend 10 minutes every day focused on unlearning racism or having hard conversations confronting racism we could truly change the conversation and create equality.

So much change has already happened in such a short time! I’m excited for what is to come as folks roll up their sleeves and keep going.

Today is Juneteenth and while I’ve heard of the commemoration of the end of slavery before this year it’s centered like never before. People are talking about it everywhere and folks are having mass meditations, prayer vigils, protests and commemoration. I wonder if this will grow and if in future years it might become a federal holiday?



Love living in a tiny village of mostly like-minded folks who can’t wait to vote #45 out of office

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