Hi Y’all!!! Exciting news–an Op-Ed I wrote for Newsweek was published today about why perpetuating body shaming against Trump doesn’t create justice it creates harm. The Girther Movement is focusing on the wrong issue! You can read it through this link.

Yes, all bodies, even bodies of people you don’t like and bodies of people who perpetuate harm. Do the work to critique folks on real issues rather than their bodies! Also these are stickers I have available, if you’d like to buy some email me–queerfatfemme at gmail!

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time–ever since the first “Micropenis” chatter, which is not only body shaming but also perpetuates harm against trans bodies. Talking about the size of someone’s genitals having anything to do with their worth misses the point of body liberation and, frankly, as sex positive folks will tell you that it’s not the size of the genitals that have anything to do with how great sex can be.

It made me so bummed out when I saw signs for the Women’s March last year that focused on his small hands instead of the thousands of substantive issues that are available for critique. I thought about the children at the march who would see that and how it might make them think that targeting someone’s body is okay and that might inflame their own insecurities about the way their bodies aren’t “normal.” What a toxic word and idea in a world so full of diverse bodies and totally valid ways to inhabit those bodies.

Signs like this! I even saw some carried by children and babies! Source: Wikipedia commons.

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P.S. What a missed opportunity to use the term Girther to mean something really hot.

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  1. I so agree! I don’t watch much comedy, and even less news, because of this type of thing. I just can’t laugh at jokes about people’s appearance or their mental health. There’s plenty of ironies to joke about with Trump. When I hear a comedian I would otherwise enjoy making cheap jokes about bodies it changes how I view them.

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