A little over a week since I launched my campaign to raise funds for QueerFatFemme.com and I’m already 20% towards my goal! This is amazing! I’m truly touched by the things folks have been saying with their donations and shares! I’ve been writing this blog for almost five years and I had no concept of what the audience for it would be when I started. I am so grateful to everyone for reading and participating with QueerFatFemme.com.

I wanted to update folks about some of the additional prizes available as well as some prizes that are TOO HOT FOR GO FUND ME but you can still take advantage of through paypal.

First of all, I would like to introduce the designs for the $30 poster and the $40 tote bags.

For $30 you can get this poster! 11”x14”. I was saying this to myself over and over again while battling a pretty deep depression in August and it felt right to include this as a poster for folks who might need a boost as well. It’s hard being a person in the world sometimes and I think a reminder of how resilient we are is crucial.

I thought this would make a hilarious tote bag, so I’m doing that. I’m still deciding on colors and type of bag and it kind of depends on how many folks choose this level based on what I can order from the manufacturer and silk screen.

All bodies are good bodies is the cornerstone of all of my politics. This is also going on a tote bag!

All of these designs were donated by my incredibly talented beloved ex James Leander. James Leander has always been an incredible artist and has recently turned to graphic design and I’m super stoked to have these designs for my fundraiser! Thanks, JLV!

Jacqueline is making potpourri for the fundraiser as well at a $12 level. If you want a little witchy woo, she’s making them with intention and magic and it’ll arrive for you to have as decoration or incorporate into rituals or whatever.

For $80 there’s a beer package from Kansas City, MO, which is donated by a hot butch there named Jen. Go Fund Me took down the prize level because they don’t support alcohol but you can get it by donating $80 to queerfatfemme at gmail via paypal. 2 bottles of Boulevard Bourbon Barrel quad (2013 and 2011). 2 bomber bottles from the smokestack series if your choice.
And a t-shirt or hat of your choice.

I you want a sexy Lap(top) dance from either Drae Campbell or Miss Mary Wanna, you can paypal $100 to queerfatfemme at gmail.com. There’s two available from each of them so get it while the getting’s good.

Here’s the info!
Lap(top) dance by Drae Campbell! Drae Campbell, butchlesque artist & comedian, will perform a laptop dance via Skype for you! Up to ten minutes. She’s hot as shit!

Photo of Drae Campbell by Kelsey Dickey at Rebel Cupcake.

Lap(top) dance by Miss Mary Wanna! Miss Mary Wanna will perform a private laptop dance via skype for you! Up to ten minutes of Southern shimmy! (Also redeemable in person.) We originally conceived this as a lapdance but it was definitely funnier if it was a laptop dance.
Photo by Patience Owens.

Here’s the link to donate! Thanks again for all of your support, both money and spiritual. It’s been a rough time for me lately but this has been extremely uplifting!