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FAT SEX WEEK Table of Contents

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FAT SEX WEEK was obviously fatter than a regular week (8 days instead of 7). It also spanned linear time beyond a week. I thought it would make sense to do a FAT SEX WEEK table of contents for archival purposes and what if you missed something, dear readers? Here you go:

Photo by Kelsey Dickey for Rebel Cupcake.

Courtney Trouble’s New Porn “Lesbian Curves”

My Favorite Places to Buy Plus Size Lingerie

Single for Lyfe Lifestyle with Mads Dudebabemodel

Seven Ways To Be a Good Ally to Your Fat Lover

Review of the Plus Size Liberator Wedge

Interview with Queer Porn Star Sophia St. James

Three Books To Help You Have Better Sex While Fat (Regardless of Whether Or Not You’re Single)

Sex Playlists and Fat Appreciation

I hope you’re all having amazing fat sex!

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