There is a new episode of my web series The Lesbian Tea Basket, where I rate and review tea and reclaim tea parties for lesbians. I was heading on my Gay American Road Trip and needed a hostess gift that wasn’t too expensive and spoke to my personality. It’s great! Even if the host(ess) doesn’t drink tea, chances are if they are hosting one lesbian there will be another and we are a tea drinking people.

I have opinions about teas (obvy) and know about lesbians (I’m listening to Indigo Girls right now) so I made a big ol’ craft about it and walk you through making your own lesbian tea basket craft. My BFF Brian films and provides hilarious commentary. Also I am not wearing make-up like Oprah on a behind the scenes show or whatever. Enjoy!

Also if you want to catch all of the tea baskets in one long stream of things, check out this Steeping With The Lesbian Tea Basket on the youtubes.

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  1. Bevin! Everything in your life is becoming perrrrrrrrrfect. Yay! I am so happy for you. I check your blog all the time to see what gems of wisdom you can offer. My heart went out to you before the road trip when you lost your job and your relationship. I am so happy you are feeling better! Congratulations on everything!

  2. Hi Bevin! A FB friend posted a link to your article about Awkwardness and I fell in love with your whole blog! I love what you’re doing here and just wanted to say that you’re awesome!

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