Oh, dear readers, I had such a wonderful and peaceful holiday weekend. I hope you did as well.

I’ve also been getting some really incredible fan letters lately. I am so grateful that my blog and podcast and tea basket episodes bring so many people joy. I try to write everyone back, but if I’ve missed it thank you very much for your kind words. And to everyone, thanks for reading! It is so nice to have such an incredible audience.

I made a little end of the year playlist to say thank you and hopefully get some more people laid. My tips on how to find people to have gay sex with you actually worked for the person who asked the advice from the post already, so hopefully it will work for you, too.

This playlist is called 90s R&B Automatic Make Out Music and celebrates R&B from the 90s, that golden era of grind* when I first learned how to make-out. I feel that this is the perfect kind of music to get your party going. It’s dancey but doesn’t require dancing. It’s good chat while maintaining a rhythmic bounce sort of music and it’s also the tipping point for any conversation that could go to the make-out place to actually go to the make-out place. Before each Rebel Cupcake I have the DJ play a mix of 90s R&B and riot grrrl favorites and I have seen many pre-11PM dance party make-outs/bumps & grinds. Dim the lights and experiment with this playlist. You’ll be hosting a make out party in no time.

My friends went to great lengths to coordinate the creation of this surprise cake for my birthday. A hearty thank you to Sarah Jenny, Heather and crew, and to Andre and his helpers for baking and decorating it.

The playlist requires Spotify, which is free and easy to use and contains most of the songs you might want to listen to at any time. I found Spotify daunting at first but as more of my friends used it to share playlists with each other and spy on their music listening habits I thought it was fun and embraced it.

Clickie here for the playlist.

I am back this week with a cool new blog benefactor and the remainder of the great GAY SEX WEEK that was thwarted by my insane flu of October 2011.

(This is the same coffee cup my mom had in the 80s. Found again at Sarah Jenny & Damien’s house.)

*Hat tip to the dandy who bestowed that turn of phrase unto me. You’ve got the poetry, I’ve got the prose.

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