My friend Fae stopped by today and mentioned she hadn’t seen a new Lesbian Tea Basket recently and I realized it’s because I haven’t posted them to my blog! How negligent.

Me doing an Outfit of the Day photo in what Leslie deems a “classic model pose.”

Darlings, cozy up to your computers and watch two sorta bummed episodes. I have mentioned previously that my job of three years is ending (second layoff in 3 years–where are the small business bail outs, Obama!?!) and quite suddenly last week my relationship of four months ended. Ironically right after I bought a box of tea, so it’s tea associated.

Leslie’s version of this pose.

My life is no stranger to upheaval these last few years. Lately I have been sad and feeling my feelings about these unexpected transitions but I also am ultimately hopeful. I’ve also decided to use this precious time while I’m looking for a new day job to take off on a post-layoff, post-break-up road trip. Opening my arms wide to beautiful adventure, seeing all the many dear friends I am so lucky to have scattered across this country and spending a few days in Palm Springs with my gorgeous Grandmother.

Grandmother and Me and Macy

I’m going to do some research for my memoir about my step-mom (with a more in-depth trip to come, hopefully with funding and a documentary camera). I am going to see the Grand Canyon for the first time, hang out in Austin and Atlanta and enjoy life with renewed vigor.

My dog Macy is coming along with me and it is all falling together really well. The Heartbreak MFA suggests throwing yourself into a big art project and this road trip feels like that art project.

Leslie says this is the “classic fashion blogger” pose. On one leg and staring down at the ground like you’re looking at a puppy.

I’m sure there will be more Lesbian Tea Basketing, but in the meantime please enjoy these newish episodes from this past month!

Lesbian Tea Basket #15: Consolation Tea

Lesbian Tea Basket #16: Lipton’s Herbal Ginger Tea and Sunbeam’s Electric Tea Kettle

I highly recommend this electric tea kettle.

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  1. I read but never comment but now I’ve read this I have to comment! I am really sorry that these losses have befallen you, especially both at once. You are so intelligent, wise, warm-hearted, and gorgeous Bevin… and it’s so obvious from what you write here that you have the tools to get through difficult times and you know that, but idk, I just wanted to tell you that you’re fabulous and wish you all the best for healing-and-growing adventures on the road.

    Warmth and glitter shoes!

  2. ah – I also bought that dress from re/dress so I was wondering if it had previously been yours, but I guess instead we both have it! it IS a masterpiece – I ADORE it.

  3. did you sell the dress in the pic with you and your grandmother to re/dress?

    also i’m so sorry about all of the loss you’ve been facing but i’m sure that so many amazing things will come from the experiences ahead of you!

    1. Thanks for your kind words!

      I bought the dress from Re/Dress. It’s a Torrid masterpiece and the store had it many times in three years. My friend Genne bought it and we showed up wearing it together by accident a couple of times.

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